Hnst Talk: Steven Savage

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | May 11, 2019

Steven Savage is a CHH artist who has his musical roots buried in the genre. Now he is a part of one of the indie scene’s most recognized collectives.

With his new EP ‘Woven’ dropping yesterday, a new era for Savage and pandacafe has begun.

“It’s been amazing to see how God has moved throughout it.”

“Josiah, Jasxn, and Reid got added to a group chat I’m in, we already kind of knew each other, but that’s when the friendship grew. They offered me [a chance to join pandacafe] and the rest is history.”

“To be honest, it was a pretty easy decision, but that was because I was praying that God would open a door in music.”

His musical background stretches back to middle school before he ventured into hip hop.

“I was in band in jr. high and high school, haha. I was such a band nerd. But rap specifically coming up on three years.”

With the release of  ‘Woven’, Savage is opening up and laying himself out there in the midst of a culture that isn’t afraid to knit-pick artists. What does the emcee believe listeners should take away from the project?

“Man, there’s a lot”

“First off, this is an album about a completely broken person dealing with the effects of my brokenness and learning to accept healing from God. I deal with a lot of guilt and shame on this project, learning how to be strong enough to be weak.”

“I want anyone who listens to this and relates to know that, above anything else, God loves them so much and not only made a way for them to have relationship with Him but continues to pursue them.”

“The Gospel is such a powerful story. This has been a particularly difficult season in my life making this album, becoming aware of how deep-rooted a lot of my shame is but it’s been helpful to learn more about how God pursues me through it and how the Gospel addresses my shame directly.”

“More than anything else, I want people to know God and His love for them Hopefully this album can paint that picture somewhat clearly.”

With that kind of heart behind a project, you can be certain that you will get a unique sonic experience. So, what helped to shape the sound of ‘Woven’?

“I am getting mentored pretty heavily by a Dallas rapper name Jahmaol Clark, he is the one who started 2 Talented in Dallas. He has helped me so much in the development of the project.”

“Adrian Stresow mixed and mastered the project so it wouldn’t sound the way it does without him.”

Dropping full albums are becoming the exception and not the norm in today’s music. What kind of impact will ‘Woven’ have on the rest of the year for Savage?

“So far the plan is to push the album and follow up with singles. I have one single in the making right now that will feature someone you know well…but I can’t give that away just yet.”

“To everyone who has helped me get to this place – God, parents, friends, Jahmaol Clark, and pandacafe – I just want to say thank you.”

Make sure you stream/purchase ‘Woven’ now and support Steven Savage and pandacafe. You can also follow Savage on Twitter @ssavageflows

For us at FiveTwenty, we are definitely keeping our eyes open to find out who that collab is with and simply watch Steven’s journey.


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