Hnst Talk: Srrvant

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 26, 2019

by: Anthony Bartimioli @HnstTministries

Who is Srrvant?

Based out of Northern Massachusetts, about 15 minutes from the New Hampshire border and 30 minutes from Boston, the CHH up and comer is also retired military.

“I am 30 and rep the Granite State loudly and proudly!”

Srrvant and his wife have moved four times in the last two years as they are transitioning out of life in the service. Injuries may have ended his military career, but the next phase of life is only getting started.

As an artist, Srrvant looks to live up to his moniker and be “an artist that is focused on loving God and loving people. Showing them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel while making quality, relatable music.”

Life as a kid was rough. With his dad being in and out of jail, battling with alcohol and drug addictions, it was his mom who set the example. She became a believer and divorced Srrvant’s father when he was unable to clean himself up. She would read Bible stories to her son. He would have to read the Bible when he would get in trouble as well. Because of her prayers and their pastor’s intervention it “turned me from an angry, violent teenager that was constantly in trouble, into a man who tries to please God.”

Srrvant also can thank his mom for his involvement in CHH.

“My stepdad hated hip-hop, so of course I ran right to it. I got into Eminem and 2pac and blared it just to tick him off. My mom got sick of it and took me to a Christian bookstore and bought me KJ-52’s ‘Collaborations’ [album].”

After that, he began to devour a variety of CHH content. “Cross Movement ‘Holy Culture’ was the album that REALLY got me into it and changed my musical direction forever. I can still almost rap that album from start to finish!”

Srrvant wrote his first rap in 2004 for a girl in his high school name Olivia. Apparently, she was hotter than Bolivia. After watching the movie ‘8 Mile’ he tried his hand at battle rapping. “I sucked, but it got me into it.”

When KJ-52 launched his message board, Srrvant began posting music there for critique. He also sent a song to DJ Wade-O in 2006 called “Hip-Hop Redeemed”. “Wade-O humored my teenaged self and critiqued it, but I don’t think he ever put it on the show.”

Moving to Tampa, Florida in 2008, Srrvant connected with CrossOver Church (home of Flavor Fest) where he landed an internship. While there he was able to meet both KJ-52 and KB. He also hooked up with a local producer named Legacy who helped to refine Srrvant’s sound. He put out his first album in 2012.

“I thought it was amazing at the time, but I had a lot of growing to do.”

Now after four total projects, Srrvant has definitely been growing. He released three singles during the past year and has a new song coming out soon, hopefully within the next month. The song will be featuring one of indie CHH’s hottest names, Parris Chariz.

Keep an eye out for Srrvant’s next single soon and check out his catalog of music now. He was the FiveTwenty Collective’s “Featured Artist” for January. You can find him on Spotify and other digital outlets. His visual for the song “Forever” is on our Videos page as well.

Of course, you could catch Srrvant live…assuming you are in or around the Northern Massachusetts area.

“One thing we’d like to do is be more consistent with local shows. We have hip-hop nights where people can rap about whatever they want and I would love to start showing them the gospel.”

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