Hnst Talk: NXTMIKE

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | February 2, 2019

Lucy may not be a fan, but we certainly are.

NXTMIKE broke out on the indie CHH scene with “I Hate Lucy” in 2018. This multi-talented individual is set to make 2019 a big year. 

He is one of several artists who are making noise out of the Carolinas which is looking like the next “hotbed” for the CHH culture.

“I’ve always been connected with music but didn’t start seriously pursuing it until last year. This is the next version of me. I [want to] use it as a way to talk to people about what I go through. Whether it’s my actions, my thoughts, or my struggles…I just want to be honest.”

“NXTMIKE” is a concept that the old version of Mike is dead and gone and that he has been made new through Jesus.

“I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to glorify God with everything I do. I’m always being intentional with my words and actions. My music is just a reflection of my love for Him. I want Him to hear my music and be satisfied with me.”

While we expect big things musically from NXTMIKE this year (yes, I may be guilty of thinking ahead to our 2020 Artists to Watch) there is much more to the artist as I found out while talking with him. His work ethic may be one of the most impressive things about an individual who I consider myself lucky to have connected with.

Besides music he also runs his own photography business and clothing line.

“I’ve been shooting for a few years now. I’m really into working with other creatives and capturing shots of them in their element. My style is more of a minimalistic, moody portraiture. I work with individuals and brands [to] help them come up with plans to market themselves, once in a while I’ll build their website also.”

You may have heard of the clothing line as well, FRESHMAN YEAR CO.

“The purpose of the line is to create high-quality clothing with a purpose. All of our products are meant to stir up conversations about the creator of creativity.”

With the skill that is present in these efforts, it may be a shock to some that NXTMIKE has no formal training in any of them.

“[It’s] just pure passion. I went to school and received two degrees. One in elementary education and one in special education. I currently teach English as a Second Language and love every bit of it. As much as I love education, I would walk away for [the opportunity to be a] full time creative. I can still have an impact on kids without physically being in a classroom. The beauty of it is that God’s gonna guide me regardless.”

With us being early in the new year, many may be struggling with those goals that we set. Some may be finding themselves with bits of success, while others are right on track. As a creative, you always must be thinking ahead and not rest on your laurels. That is the nature of the beast.

What is in the cards for NXTMIKE in 2019?

“From a creative aspect, I want every song I put out to be perfect. Additionally, I want every song I put out to be better than the last one. It’s possible if you really think about it.”

“On a spiritual side, I want to continue to strive towards becoming the best possible man of God I can be.”

NXTMIKE credits several people for influencing his work. From Jon Bellion and Joey Vantes to Mogli the Iceberg. But the person who has impacted him the most is closer to home.

“A big influence of mine when it comes to writing is my dad. Although he’s not gifted art wise, his work ethic is out of this world. When he wants to do something he just figures it out. He’s always teaching himself. I try and model that when I’m writing or recording. If I’m stuck and hit a wall, I just push through and figure it out. My dad never gives up on anything. I envy that.”

The big question becomes, what should we as fans be watching for?

“As much as I love “I HATE LUCY”, I’m doing better this year! I’ve got a lot that’ll be released and some wild features too. Stay tuned!”

NXTMIKE’s upcoming single is titled “AND 1”, you can get a taste of it here:

With his hands in a bit of everything and his head supporting a variety of hats, there is one simple message that NXTMIKE wants to make sure you take away from whatever it is that he does.

“Jesus is everything.”

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