Hnst Talk: Marqus Anthony

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | November 2, 2019

From Detroit to ATL and now touring the country, Marqus Anthony is “Blessed On Purpose”

He is a jack of all trades it seems and he is not afraid to shoot his shot when the opportunity is there.

As Anthony and his Detroit/Blessed On Purpose family, Brotha Dre and DJ Kideazy, are hitting the road on the My God Is BIGGER tour, he gave us some insight about this year and how everything has fallen into place.

“2019 has been a year of growth. It’s been a blessing to be in Atlanta the entire year after moving here in May 2018. I’ve met so many amazing people here.”

“I have connected with so many dope artists, producers, and influencers. ‘Shoot Your Shot’ was created here, featuring three ATL artists. I have been inspired by the city a lot. God has really blessed with an awesome family in Crossover Church ATL.”

“My label, Blessed On Purpose, has released over 30 songs this year. It’s been a grind. I personally write each press release and email it out, do the follow-up, etc. I’ve been booking our tour, which is another first. It’s exhausting and at times frustrating…but I greatly look forward to the My God is BIGGER tour this fall.”

“Overall, God continues to give the grace and encouragement to keep pushing even when I feel like giving up. He continually reassures me that I am indeed walking in my purpose and all I need to do is trust Him.”

“Blessed On Purpose LLC was launched in 2016 and is now in its fourth year. I was the first artist on the label. That’s how I cultivated my music business skills.”

“After a couple of years of being an indie artist, learning how to do this, people around Detroit took notice. I began doing freelance work for others such as social media promo, bio and press release writing, email blasts, and Spotify playlist pitching. At the end of 2018, I was able to sign a distribution deal with Empire in partnership with Illumination Digital Distribution. This was when we signed DJ Kideazy and began distributing him.”

“Then in 2019, we added Brotha Dre to the roster. I’m truly honored to work alongside these talented and honorable men of God. Blessed On Purpose comes from Psalm 1. We believe that walking in God’s ways leads to many spiritual blessings that carry much more weight than any physical blessings. We are excited about following God’s path for us and anticipate a powerful, impactful future.”

Like we said, a jack of all trades, even though that is not the way that Anthony describes himself…

“Marqus Anthony is just a servant.”

“I fall down, but I get back up and keep fighting. I have a heart to help others, my legacy will be much greater than my own music. I want to see the culture win. I’m passionate about helping my friends. Marqus Anthony is a man of God first, then a businessman, and then an artist. I love serving God’s people and using my gifts in various ways, doing outreach. It’s all about spreading the hope found in the name and person of Jesus Christ.”

“Being connected to City Takers has been wonderful. I have been using my gifts to rap for homeless people, prisoners, and even high school students as we minister the Gospel to the people. It has been very humbling to serve God’s people and grow as an artist, more importantly as a man of God.”

One of the biggest highlights of the year for Anthony was his single “Shoot Your Shot” which seemed to take on a life of its own.

“Man, that track has been such a blessing. The response was amazing!”

“It was an honor to work with ATL legends Plain James, Enlitement, and Luke G. Playlists added it like crazy and we’re now over 120k legit Spotify streams with no fake buys. We did an awesome challenge with over 40 entries which led to a six-song remix EP. Then we dropped a phenomenal video by Ray Knowledge. And now, finally the t-shirts. Its been the most focus I’ve ever put on one song, it was well worth it.”

“You don’t have to move on from a song after two weeks.”

“I’ve been pushing that joint all year and people keep hearing and loving the message to not give up on their God-given dreams. I definitely had a special feeling about it. Then when I sent it to my big bro Illuminate he loved it. I’d sent him several tracks at that point and none of them had moved him really, but this one he got behind.”

“When it dropped, I noticed not only was it being streamed at a high rate, but it was being saved a ton. So clearly people were rocking with it. Then it got added to ‘The Flow’ playlist by Spotify, it has been on there for eight months now!”

“From the responses of everyone, I just knew this song was different from my previous releases and that I should be creative to find additional ways to push it. The challenge really encouraged me too. All of my peers who entered the challenge commented on how they really like the song.”

Anthony is not one to shy away from working with others in a range of capacities, as the Shoot Your Shot Challenge proved, which is not always the case with other artists.

“My main goal for collabs is for them to make sense while being excellent quality. Excellent from the artwork, promotion, mixing and mastering, as well as musical standpoints.”

“When I receive requests from others who are lacking in one or more of these areas I definitely hesitate. However, if the music is hot enough, then I can help bring those other areas up and we can create a dope song and rollout.”

“When I’m writing press releases and sending them to my contacts, my rep as a PR is on the line. I refuse to send out anything that is wack. I definitely have to believe in your product to promote it.”

Now the promotion has turned from simply encouraging listeners to stream the music, to coming out and supporting, as the My God Is BIGGER tour hits the road.

“I’m expecting God to move and make a big impact!”

“As a former atheist who gave my life to Christ in 2013, I was a scientist working for the government at age 23 when I dropped out of grad school. I quit my job with the NIH to follow the call of God on my life and do music ministry. That’s why I go so hard and these guys are all amazing, anointed performers. We can’t wait to meet everybody and encourage them!”

Check out the tour flyer below and if the team is close by, go out and support them this fall!


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