Hnst Talk: K. Murray

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 28, 2020

K. Murray, CHH artist out of the great state of Texas, caught a lot of ears last year with his song “OMG”

He started 2020 off with the release of his new album ‘Here He Is’.

Charisma, energy, positive vibes – these are just a few of the things that smack you in the face when you dive into Murray’s music. However, there is a lot that goes into his ministry as an artist.

“I’ve been around music most of my life.”

“About 13-years-old, I started listening to CHH like Lecrae, Trip, Cross Movement, Da’ T.R.U.T.H..”

“I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida. I live in Austin, Texas with my queen and two kids. I was living in a small town called Rockdale and I shot a music video with a company out of Austin. They heard my music and invited me to Austin for a sit-down. From there, they offered a contract under their label, Sozo Music, invited me into their home and began grooming me as an artist.”

“2017 is when I felt God put me in a position to be able to utilize this talent He has given me. I was just tired of not making good music with a message. Why not use that as the commission He has given each and every one of us?”

Standing out, especially in the current setting of Christian Hip Hop, is not always the easiest feat. So what makes K. Murray’s music different from the rest?

“You’re gonna hear an authentic artist who is not a ‘holier than thou’ Christian. One who loves music and people.”

“People need to know that I’m a human like everyone else. I’m going to give you music that feels good, has a message, and you can have fun with it. If you’re expecting the same ol’ same ol’…you won’t find it here!. I’m that family member, that friend, your bestie of all besties that as soon as we are around each other, I’m loving on you like I’ve known you for years!”

“You’re gonna laugh, shed a tear, and be encouraged when you listen to my album!”

‘Here He Is’ dropped on New Years Day and really set a tone for the year.

“God has done a lot in my life and the title, ‘Here He Is’, the name alone just shows that He has, and is still, working on me.”

“It’s an authentic, fresh breath of air. It’s upbeat, energetic, and a fun sound.”

“One of my goals was to produce the album and make it better than my first. I wanted to set myself and my team up for 2020. At the time, my goals were big but I feel I’ve been able to accomplish them. I want to impact thousands, millions, across the states.”

“Making this a full-time thing for me is my ultimate goal.”

The single “OMG” was the stage-setter for the project and really represents who Murray is as an artist.

“How the song came together, well, it was pretty funny.”

“My brother, my family J.G., and I was looking at how religion is man-made and has hurt a lot of people in the process. With its rules and regulations. That brought the OMG aspect of the song. I was a little nervous because of what other people may, or could, say about it. But, I’m not here to please man. I’m here for what is pleasing to God. From what I’ve seen, OMG has been received with open arms. I mean, even a GoDaddy team of social advisors for business owners have been using OMG in their work chant. It is so exciting!”

“Seeing different people, in different states, gravitate to OMG when it comes on is humbling.”

While Murray has been able to reach some of his past goals with the project ‘Here He Is’, that does not mean that he is finished looking at growing by any means. Instead, he has set the goals even higher as he develops as an artist.

“I would love to collab with Andy Mineo, KB, and other up-and-coming and established artists. Ultimately just really getting connected and taken seriously as an artist.”

“On my project, I worked with artists like Britt Mari, Man of Faith, Tone Jonez, Bishop Freeze, Breana Marin, and Genuine Life.”

You can check out K. Murray’s, ‘Here He Is’, below.

Make sure you support Murray, you can find him on Twitter: @KMurray561

Hit the comments below and let us know what you think of ‘Here He Is’ and the single “OMG” by K. Murray now!!


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Glory To God… May He Bless the Success Of The HERE HE IS CD……