Hnst Talk: Big Zvch

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 18, 2020

It started with a collab project, then a rebrand, and now…

Enoch Flow Records artist Big Zvch, formally Zach Mehaffey, would like to reintroduce himself.

“Things have been great!”

“Coming together with YJO, PoetiCS, and Enoch to create ‘Kings Rings’ was a huge blessing to me. It helped me really start to carve out who God has made me to be as an artist.”

“The more time I spend developing my craft the more I see how God has wired me to be a storyteller.”

“It’s been therapeutic to work through a lot of my own past with God while writing songs these last few years. As of recently, I’ve had a lot of fun developing songs out of other people’s stories, the process has really evolved.”

“As I began writing songs more seriously, I felt God pushing my pen in a very inward direction, exposing some of my struggles both past and present.”

“I found myself creating as a means of hope for anyone who could relate to my own stories.”

“In the same way, I’ve grown to appreciate the hope to be found in stories of others that I may not have experienced first hand. I’ve started leaning on these as a source of inspiration while writing.”

As the process began to change, Zvch also found another change in regards to the name used to create his music.

“Really this isn’t a big change for me only because to my friends and family I’ve always been Big Zvch (pronounced Big Zach).”

“When I first started recording music I uploaded some songs to SoundCloud using an account that was attached to my Facebook profile. So my artist name was my given name to begin with. Before I had even thought about professionally releasing any music, Rapzilla posted one of those first songs I uploaded using my given name. Over the last few years, as I’ve developed my craft and grown as an artist, I prayed more and more about using a name that better represented who I am as an artist…”

“…that is Big Zvch.”

“Big Zvch lets me separate my music and personal life in order to better serve my family.”

“My whole life, my friends and family have called me Big Zach or Big Z. I chose the spelling because there is no other artist with that name, that I could find, but there is a couple Big Z’s and one Big Zack.”

This rebrand comes at a time when it feels that Zvch is taking a “next step” of sorts in his music.

“I feel a lot of prayer, hard work, and persistence has finally started to click.”

“It seems like every day I’m growing in one area or another and that’s what I’m most excited about. Working with Enoch and everyone at the label has been an amazing opportunity and helped me grow in so many different areas as an artist. God really blessed me with this family. [They have helped a lot with] my accountability.”

“Coming from making music alone in my house to having a solid team to bounce ideas off, give honest feedback, and hold me accountable to the mission God has put before us as creative disciples of Jesus.”

“Check out ‘Play My Role’ with Mitch Darrell and YJO [as an example].”

“The song started as a concept for my first release as Big Zvch. One big realization I had while praying about the direction of my art and career was how in control of every aspect in my life God actually is.”

“He controls it all.”

“It’s my job to play my role in His plan. The concept ended up becoming a reality when we started working on the Derek Minor production series at EFR. After recording my verse I sent it to Mitch for a second verse because I knew he could match the energy I brought. YJO glued everything together exactly how I imagined. ‘Play My Role’ is special to me because it marks the start of a new era.”

“I’ve been creating the best art of my life and really feel like most people will be able to relate to the story that is unfolding in it. This is a new chapter in life for me personally and in my music. I feel comfortable in my own skin and in my creative process.”

“Pay attention to the content we’ve got planned heading into 2020!”

You can check out “Play My Role” and more from Big Zvch below, but he has a final challenge to anyone willing to accept it.

“I’m a NBA2K junkie. Anyone reading this is welcome to catch a ‘L’ online!”

Let Big Zvch know what you think of the new direction God has taken him. Drop some encouragement in the comments below!


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