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By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | August 27, 2022

Eddy Puyol has dropped a new album.

If you really want to get to know a person you should peep their playlist.

Experiencing a collection of music they’ve curated for inspiration, entertainment, and emotional release can provide the listener with a profound understanding of the soul behind the souls.

This is especially true when the subject of interest is a recording artist.

Pronounced Pooh-Yole serves as a brief Eddy Puyol audio biography.

Puyol shares his successes under the “Rawsrvnt” stage moniker, educating audiences about how to say his last name, and providing a peek into his life filled with faith, family, and fortitude.

“It’s Over” embodies Puyol’s family mantra to finish what you start. “Sigue Pa’ Lante” (used during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast) is not transformed into the 100% Spanish-language track Puyol has always desired. The album also includes the pop/trap/love record “To the Moon” along with “Forever Love” (a recent pick for Pandora’s “Dad Songs for Sons and Daughters” playlist).

The song Puyol is most excited to share is “This One’s for You”.

This sunny, “Summertime”-esque track recounts his career as a full-time artist. It also cleverly samples vocals recorded when Eddy was just 11-years old.

“This was where it all started, rapping with Ms. Mary’s ‘Kid ‘N Posse’ youth group team back at Word of Life Church,” Puyol recalled. “I sampled her voice for the record too. It’s a special memory for me and, hopefully, a jam for you.”

The track’s visual component is comprised of performance and personal highlight reel footage. Shot by Will Thomas, the video is a first-time collaboration. The duo utilized a state-of-the-art 30ft x 10ft LED screen at Crossover Church as a backdrop.

Both the “This One’s for You” video and Pronounced Pooh-Yole are now available.

Look for it on your favorite digital service provider platforms and Eddy Puyol social media sites.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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