The DIVE Series: Derek Minor, ‘More On The Way’

By DJ Expander @djexpander116 | June 6, 2023

What’s good, everyone! Welcome to the eighteenth installment of The DIVE Series*!

Last month, we dove into Back Soon by 1K Phew and TEAM by Shepherd on the 5th and 20th, respectively.

Today, I will DIVE into the brand new Christian Hip Hop (CHH) track, More on the Way. You can listen to the track near the bottom of this page before or after reading this article. I will be diving into only the most important parts of this track. Now, let’s DIVE right into the music!

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” ‭‭- Colossians 3:23-24

About the Track

Derek Minor‘s track, More on the Way, featuring Jon Keith, 1K Phew, and nobigdyl., was dropped on June 2nd, 2023, and is on his unreleased EP, Nobody’s Perfect. The only other track on Nobody’s Perfect that has been released as of today’s date is Pressure, released on November 18th, 2022, by Derek Minor, featuring Thi’sl and Aaron Cole.

More on the Way is a modern trap song with a unique hype vibe to it. Each artist on this particular track does an extremely good job at bringing their own feel-good flavors into the track. This song has four total Hooks performed by each artist on the track.

Interpretation of the Track (Part 1)

Derek Minor begins with the first Hook:

“Workin’ non-stop (Non-stop). That’s why I got a lot (Got a lot). Feel like they wanna see me fall so I bought the drop. I leave a stain on everything, they can’t take the spot. (Woah, woah woah,) Now we up, now we up. Talked to God yesterday, He said, “There’s more on the way.” I done made a lot of money and there’s more on the way. I done got a couple plaques and it’s more on the way. Put a lot of people on and it’s more on the way.

The first Bible passage that comes to mind when hearing this first Chrous is Colossians 3:23-24, which states:

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”

Derek mentions praying to God and God giving him the sign that more is in store for his life. The general premise of this Chrous is that he’s working heartily unto the Lord and receives his blessings from the Lord Jesus. As a result of these blessings and fruits of his labor, Derek mentions being “up,” which means he’s content and happy with life serving Jesus and working hard unto the Lord. He sees his continuous purpose as a follower of Jesus as winning.

Interpretation of the Track (Part 2)

Derek continues with the first Verse of the track:

“(Lay low) Poppin’ up. Life a marathon I got no choice but run amok. Sliding on these tracks, my haters need a salt truck. And they still won’t melt the ice. And it’s black and I’m back. You talkin’ down, what is that? Boy you act like we ain’t blessed or som’. God ain’t flex or som’. If you want me on your set or som’. Cut a check or som’. We been bringin’ dreams alive like Freddy Kruger, we ain’t done. I’ve been movin’ on this blind faith while starin’ at the Son. Just what winnin’ sound like. They don’t see it let alone what it feel like. Dawg, why you worried ’bout them? Go get your own life. Countin’ everybody pockets like you work for Levi. Oh my, that won’t get you nowhere.

One of my favorite parts of this track is when Derek says, “Sliding on these tracks, my haters need a salt truck. And they still won’t melt the ice.” He’s essentially saying he’s doing his own thing serving Jesus, and his haters are salty because of his dedication to serving the Lord, but his haters will never be able to melt the ice (stop him from living and serving Christ).

He mentions bringing dreams alive. Here, I believe he is referring to his Reflection Music Group company, RMG Amplify, where they help independent Christian artists rise to prominence by making God-centered music. Minor raps about having faith in God while focusing on his relationship with the Son of God (Jesus).

Derek Minor continues to rap about how following and serving Jesus is what winning in life truly is and says some don’t know what that’s like. He wraps up by implying people shouldn’t be worried about other people’s success more than their own. Derek states that comparing your success to others will get you nowhere. In this final part of the verse, his point is: Don’t worry about and compare your success to other people’s. Focus on your own success.

Interpretation of the Track (Part 3)

1K Phew comes in with the second Hook of the track:

“I came way too far from hide and seekin’ with the police. But we came way too far, my gang was sittin’ in the nosebleeds. Prayin’ down on my knees and got back up, we in the floor seats. (Yeah) Lookin’ at full-court games like of course we had to go steal some full-course meals, now there’s more on the way (Get it). Why would I stress about these bills? I got more on the way (Bills). I’m a Stellar winnin’ politician, more on the way. Pull up deep, I’m never solo and it’s more on the way.

1K Phews begins his verse by rapping about how he came a long way from running from the police when he was younger in the east side of Atlanta. He mentions praying on his knees and implies that it’s not good for him to stress and worry about bills when God provides for all who are called according to His purpose (See Romans 8:28). Phew ends his Hook of the track by mentioning he’s never solo, meaning he has God with him and his team behind him.

1K Phew knows everything works together for his good because he knows he is called according to God’s purpose. He also knows it is essential to have patience and adhere to God’s timing to pursue his dreams in life. Given 1K Phew’s verse, we can conclude he pursues his dreams to glorify God.

1K Phew then hits us with the second Verse of the track:

“(Let’s get it) I done put a lot of people on and got no thank you (A lot of people). I’m not sayin’ I’m God or none (I’m not). But I’m Allen Iverson (A-I). When I’m talkin’ ’bout crosses I ain’t tryna break your ankles (Ain’t tryna break ’em). Tell ’em I’ve been steppin’ for so long I got cankles (Stepper). Wanna make me mad, try to come tell me what Jesus can’t do (Wanna make me mad). Well you better be glad you ain’t no villain, Jesus saved you (Better be glad). Everybody used to be like, “What’s that smell?” Jesus bathed you (What’s that smell). And the real ones always recognize me ’cause I’m fake-proof. (Let’s go) Every time I’m lit I don’t get bit ’cause I’m snake-proof (Snake-proof). Had to tell that sinny sin sin I can shake you (I can shake). And I told Goliath this a thirty, I can take you (This a thirty). But I came too far from livin’ dirty.

Phew continues here, rapping about how he helped many people (likely artists or producers) with no “thank you”s and compares himself to Allen Iverson. He implies that there’s nothing Jesus (God) can’t do and refers to Jesus saving God’s children from spiritual death (eternal damnation) by dying on the cross for our sins.

1K Phew continues stating that he’s “fake” and “snake” proof, meaning he does not actively associate with people who do not treat people kindly when they’re watching but treat them poorly when they are not around.

He finalizes his part of the song the same way he started it: Noting that he’s come too far to start living sinfully again.

Interpretation of the Track (Part 4)

Jon Keith hits us with the third Hook of the track:

“Ayy, gave me no respect (No). Lonely on me neck (Neck). Zeroes on these checks (Checks). What did y’all expect? Been brown, homies kept it holy from the lobby to the penthouse. Blessings coming on me I, I need a list now (A list). ‘Cause there’s more on the way. Made a lot of hits and there’s more on the way. I done caused a lot of fits and it’s more on the way. Yeah, oh you like that? It’s more on the way, yeah.

Jon Keith starts his part of the track by rapping about his success, with “zeroes on [his] checks,” implying he’s financially successful. He mentions he and his friends keep it holy no matter where they are and implies how he’s well-known.

He finishes his Hook the same way the previous hooks ended: By rapping about how there’s More on the Way.

Jon Keith then hits us with the third Verse by saying:

“(Feel me bro?) O-M-G look what God did. Nine to five, was puttin’ in the work when I was jobless (Uh, huh). Couldn’t get the Ray-Bans and it hurt but now my optics can’t believe, I took a look around they sendin’ options (Options). Yeah, God blessed me, I know that (Right). Had to take the whole city, put it on my whole back. Gotta take the bros with me, I can not hold back. And I done took like four lefts. Got Jesus piece, no Kodak. I’m movin’ like there’s four of me. They try to close the door on me. But like the chorus said, they start implorin’ for some more of me. If we back on that board then I be Jordan how I’m scorin’. When I be out in Florence, play the tortoise, so historic.”

Here, Jon Keith raps about how he succeeded in serving the Lord in his life and with his music and gives all the glory to God for his blessings. Keith notes how much he used to struggle and couldn’t afford that much. However, he worked heartily unto the Lord with his crew and now sees the fruits of his labor.

He makes it clear in this verse that he worked heartily unto the Lord and that all of his blessings are God-given.

Interpretation of the Track (Part 5)

nobigdyl. comes in with the fourth and final Verse of the track:

“Billboard albums back to back, just thought that you should know that (Just thought you should know). But I got riches in His name that couldn’t fit on no plaque. Rest in peace to the corny rap ’cause I could not support that. He snatched me out of Preverbs five and I could never go back. Left the label, did it indie, and it’s more on the way (More on the way). Festival inside my city and it’s more on the way (It’s more on the way). Worship God and make it litty and it’s more on the way (It’s more on the way). I turned twenty four and did a tour and it’s more on the way.”

Firstly, nobigdyl. begins his verse by bringing up his Billboard-charting albums. He then brilliantly raps about having plaques earned from Billboard and notes that his relationship with Jesus is worth much more than anything else.

Dyllie finishes his verse by clarifying that he is independent after having left his record label and that he worships God and puts Him first.

Thank You for Reading DIVE!

I appreciate you for reading this far into the article! I hope you all enjoyed this installment of The DIVE Series* on FiveTwenty Collective. Stay tuned for the next installment dropping on the 20th of this month!

DIVE Conclusion

More on the Way is a 2023 CHH song by Derek Minor, featuring Jon Keith, 1K Phew, and nobigdyl. This track has over 22,000 Spotify streams in less than four days, making it a relatively popular track in Derek Minor’s arsenal of tracks.

This track has a generalized theme to it. However, the primary themes that the artists attempted to convey in this track are the following:

  • As Christians (followers of Jesus), it is imperative we work heartily unto the Lord
  • All things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose (God provides for His children)
    • All of our blessings and fruits of our labor are granted to us by God
  • The artists on this track may be successful now, but their work for the Lord is far from over, and there’s More on the Way

It is important to remember the Bible passage of the day (which directly correlates with the track), Colossians 3:23-24:

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”

About The DIVE Series*

In this series, I DIVE into the precise and potential meanings of Christian Hip Hop singles, albums, and EPs.

In Special Edition installments of the series, I interview the artist(s) involved for the whole meaning of their art.

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of FiveTwenty Collective’s DIVE series! I drop a new installment of this series on the 5th and 20th of every month (except on Sundays).

God Bless,

DJ Expander

**Listen to the full More on the Way track at the end of the article!**

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