The Christian (Christon Gray) Conundrum

By King David tha Vessel @Yieldedman | January 11, 2023

Christon Gray

Christon Gray has certainly made waves recently in CHH, probably not the way that you would expect though.

As you may have noticed lately, here at FiveTwenty Collective, we’ve made it a priority,  in obedience to GOD, to discuss some of the harder topics making the rounds throughout the Body of CHRIST (and abroad). It is an effort to bring forth Biblical clarity and help foster unity.

We are not a tabloid or “Christian TMZ”. We are a media outlet covering indie Christian culture in hopes of giving a voice to GOD, indie artists, and kingdom prioritists (our first made-up word of 2023). It’s important, especially in the days and times we presently find ourselves, to make sure motives and intentions are made known and walked out.

Recently, a tweet from once-allegiant CHH artist Christon Gray was made.

Gray asserted that he was ‘bigger than the church’.

When given the chance to explain, or remove any confusion in the subsequent thread, Gray refused. Instead he, in what came across as somewhat in and out of coherence, doubled down with several cryptic responses. We talked about it. We wanted to attempt to make sense of what was being stated versus what was being conveyed. The goal was to discuss how The Saints should respond and, most importantly, pray for him. 

Fast forward to a few days later and the embers of discontent seemed to continue to burn.

In response to a completely unrelated tweet, Gray responds with a “CHH (Christian Hip Hop) is dead…” response that raised more than a few eyebrows, attacking those who attempted to either clarify or contradict.

What followed was ultimately troublesome.

We offered Mr. Gray a standing opportunity on our platform to openly discuss his stance and position, to which he declined to accept. Then, along with several others, we found ourselves on his block list. 

Disappointing? Sure.

We only want individuals in any actual Kingdom space to succeed. Period. Confusing? Absolutely. Why make statements or posts and expect no response or interaction, especially ones that may come across as divisive, or at the very least controversial? Surprised? Unfortunately,  not at all.

While this generation has fought against being censored in any capacity,  it has also, assuredly connected, become increasingly sensitive. Responding to the flesh in the flesh has become the issue to justify while walking in the SPIRIT is an afterthought. Through it all, we as a platform remain committed to the call of GOD and our desire to see you, in whatever you’re doing for JESUS, win.

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