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Chris TyK Invites You to Attend His “Fire Side Chat” @IamTheyungKing

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 31, 2021

From Columbus, Ohio, Christian Hip Hop artist Chris TyK brings his latest offering.

In a conversational style, Chris concludes his thoughts of his, and possibly your, insane 2020.

Inspired by FDR’s fireside chats, when the president would address the nation, the new record is an address to the Kingdom. The final thought? We are not without hope and we press on.

“I hope you’ll enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it,” stated Chris TyK. “Even my more somber songs are a joy because I get to release and unleash. Maybe you will too.”

Fire Side Chat can be found across digital music retailers here. | Follow and Support Chris TyK here.

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