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Time is winding down. There will come a time when things as we know them will cease to exist. Jesus is coming back and on that day His righteousness will be on display for all to see.

Joe of Meek Heroes new EP, Timepiece, is designed to leave listeners with a sense of urgency as it is written both for the believer and the non-believer. Joe brings a unique style to the table as he mixes hip-hop with ominous Nu-Metal type vocals. Creating a fresh dynamic that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

It’s been a Long Time Coming! That’s the best way to describe the debut solo project from Hip-Hop artist Noble Vessel.

The project is a collection of songs from Noble’s original rhyme book. Songs he’s been sitting on since his return to recording music in 2017 as a founding member of the group Xoul City. Long Time Coming sonically and lyrically is a mix of Christian Rap, Contemporary Gospel, Neo Soul, and 90s Hip-Hop influences, from the East to the Gulf coast. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find songs on the nine-track album that brings back the feeling of something you’ve been missing in music.

Features: Preppy, DJ OneNine, Saelah, Jarard Kenneth, Ashlie Jaie

Joy, by J.L. Johnson, is a song for bringing joy in a dark time.

Fake is special to Ian Kenville.

“I don’t like talking about being insecure (at all), but the reality is as a creative, musician, and human being I find myself constantly feeling like I’m never gonna be good enough at what I do, or that one crucial mistake will derail all I’ve built. But I’m not a ‘cry in the slump’ type of person, so I got to work. I’m still very new to fighting my insecurities, but in working on it I’ve found peace in who I am, confidence in what I do, and a realization that I’m much happier being myself. And you should be too.”

Fake incorporates a fun, guitar led sound that’s perfect for any summer playlist or backyard function.

The phrase It’s Over can convey countless emotions. The speaker can say it with reluctant resignation, fed-up frustration, or even Vince Carter-level confidence. And if you’re anything like Eddy Puyol, you’ve probably experienced all three at some point.

On his latest single the artist revisits times in his life when he’s had to say It’s Over out loud. The energetic pop anthem reinterprets lyrics from his 2017 track “Shut It Down” and embodies a longstanding family mantra: “Finish what you start. And if you start something, then leave it better than you found it.”

There is no doubt that Newselph may currently be the most active hip hop producer in Canada. His latest collab—among a recent string of releases—is with emcee James Gardin. It’s a remix of Gardin’s hit, Promise Land.

Originally released in 2017, the track was featured again on Gardin’s ’21 compilation, ‘The Groove Collection’. This remake is a more jazzhop, chill version. A perfect companion to the vocal performance that rivals Arrested Development’s Speech (think: “Tennessee”).

Xoul City wrote Dreamers in light of how weighed down so many Black brothers and sisters in Christ have been. Weighed down by life and fatigue from fighting to have experiences affirmed. Amid the social unrest of the past ten years, since Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, they stopped dreaming and working towards their aspirations.

Hopefully, Dreamers can be an encouragement to dream again.

Features: B.Tate

Capturing the burden of leadership, Show and Tell is a sonic metaphor for learning to find contentment in the journey. Like dragging your boots up the side of rugged, mountain terrain, the two vocalists scrape and claw through every guitar lick and beat drop to convey the highs and lows of life’s ascent. The track is like a well-crafted short story, calling the listener to re-read its sounds. Show and Tell keeps its promise to captivate and motivate its audience.

Featuring: Kody Free

No one churns out as much alternative/boom bap hip hop quite like Illect Recordings. Atop that list must include Canadian rapper/producer DIE-REK.

Consistently bringing a superior flow, DIE-REK rivals emcees such as Common, Mos Def, and Shad, but keeps it just as real as he keeps it positive and clean giving him ultimate mass appeal. His ’22 foray is Wheel Back, Come Again. It is another hype example of making a promising statement for another year of bars and stars from up north.


On January 26, 2021, Nomis’ father died. It was the first in a series of dominos leading to the worst year of his life.

Loss At Sea is Nomis processing the year his family has had in real-time. “For those of you who have suffered significant loss,” states Nomis “I hope this resonates with you and you feel understood.”

Production: Tactik, Newselph, Chrys Jones