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Culture Villains, "Southside Freestyle"

Culture Villains presents Southside Freestyle with Kham, KJ Carter, and creed caldwell.

Virginia has been home to influential culture, sounds, and music artists. Those artists include Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and The Clipse. Those artists have influenced upcoming artists such as KJ Carter, Kham, and creed caldwell.

With Southside Freestyle, the trio is paying ode to a generation and sound that has influenced them. The freestyle produced by KJ Carter released on October 28th.

Peep the Culture Villains EP here.

She Was A Fighter is a project about fighting to find purpose and freedom the way God intended. It is a story about how our Father draws near in our deepest sufferings to give us identity and peace. Check out this new project from Once Wckd.

Chiwaz features Avery Doreen on Praises 24/7.

Christ not complicated. He does not ask for some complicated type of worship to Him, or using big words in prayer or scripture. Just as simple as He was born in a manger, we should also view our worship/prayer to him. This is a simple but powerful prayer and call to Christ.

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I Can Only Imagine is a song with great meaning for Isaac Mather. So much so that he decided to do his own cover version.

During his 7-year health journey, there were many nights when Mather’s parents didn’t know if he would wake up the next morning. The Lord had a plan and a purpose for it all. To share his story of healing and redemption, Mather turned to a song that moves him deeply.

Watch the video below.

Listen to this song from Isaac Mather after I Can Only Imagine.

The Legend of Xero returns with a new single for those who feel Alone.

Who is the millennial generation? The generation of latchkey kids and broken homes. They grew up without mentors, and yet they are blamed for all of the world’s problems.

The ones feeling Alone.

Written in the style of 90’s grunge and in the spirit of Smashing Pumpkins, Alone is an upbeat hard Rock ‘n Roll Summer song. Featuring smoking hot licks from L. A. Gun’s Stacey Blades and just a pinch of A. W. Tozer (for a hint of Theological credibility). Alone is recorded in a true-to-life, old-school, punk rock fashion with plenty of room to explode.

This “mostly peaceful” jam, will have you smashing windows and TVs late into the night. Long after your dead-beat step-dad passes out for the evening. Bet you’ll be dragging yourself into work tomorrow, playing the same tune.

Sivion is back with a remix to Blinders. Brought to you by another longtime friend, rapper, and Canadian beatsmith, Jon Corbin.

This darker jazzy take on the original, compliments the lyrics well with a drum cadence that switches up the vibe a bit. With a message meant to bless with love bright enough to blind you, these two continue on Sivion’s original goal of illuminating wisdom and encouragement to help us through the darkness that seems to be so prevalent in all of our lives right now.  He not only brings the sax again, but also adds some flute and a sax solo at the end for the jazz enthusiasts that ride for that unique element in his music.  So keep on letting that message sink in, get you some of this light, and make that darkness flee from wherever it’s heaviest in your life…cuz we’re all meant to be Blinders.

We live in a world where people would have an idea in their mind of who you are supposed to be (to them). Some would project it onto you. Expecting you to live up to their personal preferred idea of you that they created in their minds. Someone may have it in their mind that they just see you as a waterer, but the Lord may have you as a planter. Trying to live up to people’s personal preferences, or trying to be someone else, will hinder you from being who God truly called you to be (for His purpose).

To that Lank says, “the version of me, that you want me to be, that you created in your mind, is NOT my responsibility! I can only be who God created me to be!”

Features: Lavender, Jay Atoms

Time is winding down. There will come a time when things as we know them will cease to exist. Jesus is coming back and on that day His righteousness will be on display for all to see.

Joe of Meek Heroes new EP, Timepiece, is designed to leave listeners with a sense of urgency as it is written both for the believer and the non-believer. Joe brings a unique style to the table as he mixes hip-hop with ominous Nu-Metal type vocals. Creating a fresh dynamic that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

It’s been a Long Time Coming! That’s the best way to describe the debut solo project from Hip-Hop artist Noble Vessel.

The project is a collection of songs from Noble’s original rhyme book. Songs he’s been sitting on since his return to recording music in 2017 as a founding member of the group Xoul City. Long Time Coming sonically and lyrically is a mix of Christian Rap, Contemporary Gospel, Neo Soul, and 90s Hip-Hop influences, from the East to the Gulf coast. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find songs on the nine-track album that brings back the feeling of something you’ve been missing in music.

Features: Preppy, DJ OneNine, Saelah, Jarard Kenneth, Ashlie Jaie