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Summer Soulstice 2 is a collection of soulfully melodic summertime grooves by JusRzd.  The project puts you in a peacefully positive mood. Last year, 2021, ‘Summer Soulstice’ was a double single and this year, Summer Soulstice 2 has become a 7-song Ep. So press play and sit back and enjoy the vibes.

Features: Battz, Aable, Tylynn

More great music by JusRzd.

Still Coolin featuring Battz is a soulfully melodic, chill, summertime vibe from JusRzd.

This song speaks to being in a peaceful state enjoying life and being present in the moment. Still Coolin is also the last single off of ‘Summer Soulstice 2’, which drops on August 9, 2022.

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Dallas emcee and Atlanta resident, Shane Kidd has been in the game for over a decade now creating uplifting and thought-provoking music.

In the 2010s, Shane released two albums, ‘Student of Life’ and ‘Learn to Live’, that both showed Kidd’s raw talent and care for the listener. Shane Kidd can spit with the best of them but it’s the message he wants you to walk away with. Throughout his career, Shane’s worked with some of the greats in Sho Baraka, K-Drama, DJ Aslan, and others. After a hiatus brought on by depression and writer’s block, Kidd is back with newfound freedom and a brand new record in Good Mourning.

Good Mourning is the tale of two halves.

On one side, Shane Kidd lets us right into the feelings and emotions he dealt with during his hiatus.

“The album was inspired by realizing I had to grieve the loss of my old life,” Kidd says.

Tracks like “Shadowboxing” show a vulnerable Shane Kidd going through the process and journey of loss, sometimes questioning himself and the path set before him. It’s not all doom and gloom though because after the rain comes sunshine and the Texas artist lets the listener know that there’s hope. “Joyful Rebellion” sees Shane Kidd team up with J.Crum on a groovy jam with uplifting lyrics adding another dimension to the realities we’re all dealing with.

Shane Kidd looks to relate and connect with the listener and Good Mourning expresses this on a deeper level. Life is full of transformation and Shane Kidd gives us a direct peek into his throughout the 10-track LP.

Features: Lucius, Josias, Jpaaulsings, Kyla Simone, Jordyn, R.J. Allen, J. Crum, R-Swift, Paris Avery, DJ Aslan, J Nolan

Memoirs of an Elevated Soul: The Late Nite is a colorful, heartfelt, and transparent album.

JusRzd truly brings back the art of storytelling. Sonically, this album is filled with soulful melodies, jazzy lofi vibes, and a myriad of effortless grooves. Thematically, the album brings a message of hope.  Weeping may endure for the night, joy is going to come in the morning.

“My hope is that everyone that listens to this album is encouraged to push through their late night to see the freedom and joy in the daylight.” -JusRzd

Upcoming hip hop-soul rapper JusRzd hopped on another melodic groove produced by Stillakid. Still Daydreaming, the message is one of transparency, reflection, hope, and introspection. Acknowledge though life may not be perfect there is always hope for better days.


Boss Moves is a combination of innovative and inspirational lyrics for a wide range audience. Whether you are riding in your car or at the gym, this record will motivate and move its audience in great fashion. Boss moves exemplifies the true meaning of the Hip Hop/Rap culture in a way to enhance and empower this generation.

Neon lights shine brightest in the dark. It’s our responsibility to keep our lights on for those around us whose lights are dim. The song is told from the perspective of a bodega shooting but has a double meaning. The over-arching theme being the struggles within the African American community to heal, and bring healing to each other.

Features: Mitch Darrell

A surprise mixtape for the holidays? Yes, please!

Justcallmedt and A-Dub White teamed up to release a collection of freestyles exclusively via SoundCloud.

Community Service is a tool to connect with those that are outside of the Christian community as well as those within. Although each song is a remix of a more popular mainstream song, the duo put their own twist on it. They combined style with substance, there’s a message in every track.

LPF (Reprised) is an ode to “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” by Drake and Rick Ross.

Jay Sanon and Justcallmedt do not disappoint as they get self-reflective and tackle topics such as financial stability, legacy, faith, family issues, dream-chasing, and much more. Soul samples and transparency always make for a great combination, and LPF (Reprised) is no exception to the rule. This song is the perfect soundtrack for planning your next move and making it your best move!

Mental Health is wealth and depression can be cancer to your mental well-being.

After struggling with depression several times throughout his life, JusRzd decided to write a song about some of his experiences with depression. If you or anyone you know has ever struggled or thought about depression, listen to this song and pass it on to those that need some encouragement.

Features: Alcott