K-Drama "No Struggle, No Strength"

Lighthouse High School students Destiny Morris & Zack Loechel teamed up with their Music Technology teacher, K-Drama, to record their first song ever titled, No Struggle, No Strength

In true K-Drama fashion, this chant-like song was created to encourage listeners to endure challenges in hopes to grow stronger and achieve results. Inspired by a poster hanging up in the school cafeteria, this mantra leaped off the paper for Destiny, Zack, and Mr. Regis (what the students call K-Drama at Lighthouse).

Because of the various challenges each individual has faced from petty high school drama and difficult issues at home to the untimely death of Brandon Burton, a 16-year-old student of K-Drama at LHS who was murdered 4-18-23. They used their opposition as fuel to lay down their lyrics in their school music recording studio. Though the desire is not to go through hardship, trying times oftentimes is the catalyst of growth and success.

JusRzd & Weez the Satellite Kiid "Iso Joe"

Hip Hop’s newest rap duo, JusRzd & Weez the Satellite Kiid, come together again to drop a new summer classic, Iso Joe.

Iso Joe is a fun, wavy summer record with immaculate vibes. The song speaks to enjoying who you are while living out your purpose and avoiding distractions.

Shane Kidd "Good Vibes"

Shane Kidd and CRFT bring their talents together on Good Vibes

Good Vibes features Shane Kidd’s sharp lyrics about protecting one’s peace over a CRFT beat that blends trap, jazz, and soul. The two artists worked on the song in CRFT’s home studio. During the studio session, Shane was refining his lyrics while CRFT tested various sounds in Ableton. The product was a song expressing a longing for God and positivity.

JusRzd "Love Rain Down"

JusRzd reflects on Jesus’ sacrifice.

Love Rain Down is a song about how He laid down His life for our sins on Resurrection Sunday. Such a love that feels so undeserving at times, especially considering our faults and inconsistencies. Still, Jesus chose to make that sacrifice.

JusRzd, "Brand New"

JusRzd features Parris Chariz on a feel-good single

Brand New is about feeling renewed. Life has a way of putting us through the wringer and, usually, through those seasons there is a renewal that can happen within. Enduring that process usually leaves you feeling brand new and refreshed.

Scribe Music 'Scribe & The Wildlings"

Scribe Music is thrilled to present Scribe & the Wildlings

The new EP explores the journey of a man of God and the unexpected experiences that shape his calling. This thought-provoking album features contributions from a diverse range of artists, making it a unique and dynamic listening experience. With its powerful message and captivating sound, Scribe & the Wildlings marks an exciting new chapter in Scribe’s artistic timeline. So get ready to embark on a musical journey through the wilderness and discover the impactful season that awaits you.

Features: Chiwaz, Nu Tone, Weez The Satellite Kiid, Dzh, Kody Free, Q-Flo

Bill B. "Keep It A Bean"

Bill B. drops Keep It A Bean, produced by DJLC

Keep It A Bean is about having real honesty, vulnerability, and transparency. If we are being honest with ourselves and God, we can make our process and progress much simpler.


JusRzd, "Get Focused"

JusRzd features Mitch Darrell & Weez The Satellite Kiid on the single Get Focused.

Get Focused is a vibe for the procrastinator in all of us. Soulful melodies combine with top-tier lyricism. A reminder for each and every one of us of how much we can accomplish if we can just simply get focused.

JusRzd "Rise & Shine"

JusRzd and Mitch Darrell drop a new single together. Rise & Shine is a soundtrack to motivate people who may be caught in the monotony of life and the everyday grind.

Solachi Voz, "See"

Solachi Voz has dropped the introspective See.

Sometimes, if the why is revealed too early, we try to move outside of God. We forget the universe is in His hands. Sometimes, we just have to pause at the event horizon and let Him paint the picture for us to see. We hear better in the dark…until we know light.

Enjoy See? Check out this track from Solachi Voz.