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Let Go My Hand (Freestyle) was inspired by the J.Cole record of the same name.

In this unofficial remix of the song, JUSTCALLMEDT explores life and death along with the significance of legacy. With the recent passing of his best friend Eric “Prof. Biz” Vaughan Brown, this was a great way to vent and honor him for all the wisdom and love that he instilled in DT and countless others. Legacy isn’t always about leaving something FOR people but also leaving something IN people.

First Plane is an autobiographical journey documenting Solachi Voz’ journey of faith with the Lord.

At various ages and stages of life, He required her to have different levels of faith in Him, all of which have determined the flight path in life. The most recent leap of faith was moving to California with nothing more than $350 and two bags. Not knowing anyone there yet, with just a place to stay with people she also had never met. This was the first song she wrote after arriving in Cali.

Back Up is the 40th song released by J-Heir in 2021!

In this song, he gets lyrically prostrate in a place of reverence, submission, and repentance before God. It is in this place where true change happens in the life of a believer.

Cutright and Selah The Corner link up to let the “spitters” know WE OUTSIDE!

Being Black in America comes with a history of resistance and perseverance. Faith has been at the root of perseverance for many in the Black community. Shane Kidd partners with fellow rapper J. Crum for an anthem of celebration, affirming Black pride, and spiritual empowerment. They’re letting listeners know, despite the impossible odds, Black joy thrives even in the midst of resistance.

Life is a marathon. Your pacing matters and endurance sometimes may mean slowing down. Let go of the idea that you have to be constantly grinding in order to be successful. Rest and reflection aren’t our enemies but gives us our energy. Accompanied by the jazzy production of Jonathan Baker and the soulful vocals of Lucius Rouser, Shane Kidd wants to affirm “Keep your pace and keep your peace”.

Love Lust, by Avila, is an inventive and emotional hip-hop / R&B vibe. The young Atlanta emcee pours out his heart as he tells the story of a past relationship.

A collection of songs made to explore creativity. With an overarching theme of dealing with the monsters in your closet, this project is a diagnosis of the fear in the world around us, and a prescription of reliance on God.

B-Less mixes up different elements of rap on Switch. It contains melody, bragging, and story-telling in the vocal.

The premise of the song is what I learned during quarantine, which was self-control, and how I am applying that to my life. We had to face ourselves in the mirror and face our weaknesses and that was always my kryptonite. But I’m learning and growing!