RYT PATH "Away (Don't Call Me)"

RYT PATH | “Away (Don’t Call Me)”

Away (Don’t Call Me) is a dynamic and empowering hip-hop anthem. It embodies the resilience to overcome obstacles and stay focused on personal growth. With its captivating lyrics and assertive tone, the song reflects each artist’s determination to move forward in life. The verses highlight their pursuit of enlightenment and refusal to be swayed from their path. It is a powerful expression of newfound clarity and unwavering commitment to rise above distractions, all inspired by their faith in Jesus.

The song features Phrv, Aizek, Baron Jay, Joebrown, and Eazy Bob Wizzy.

Chiwaz, "Adonai"

Chiwaz features Tds Cam on the single Adonai.

Adonai is about calling out to God and knowing that He answers prayers. He takes away all pain and anxiety. He protects us.
We should be giving Him praise.

Joseph Madigan drops new EP, Alignment.

Going through an arduous journey, Joseph Madigan faced several challenges in life. From being a homeless individual, at the age of 16, to being established through the act of love from believers who provided him a place to live and grow after years of struggling. Despite going through hardships, Joseph decided to begin a relationship with God. Making music without covetousness to get famous, he instead aimed to inspire people. Encouraging them to seek God while growing in his personal relationship .

The urge to create inspiring songs for people came naturally to Joseph Madigan.

Madigan shares his incite to stay in Alignment with God through his meaningful EP. Alignment is packed with 5 songs, including “Mode” ft. Chiwaz, “No Rivals” ft. Naraya & Godina, and “Alignment” ft. Authority Sound. Each piece has heartfelt lyrics coupled with different, engaging tunes and rhythms that make people instantly want to listen to it. With a unique beat and a groovy rhythm, each song consists of meaningful messages to inspire and encourage people to count on God and have faith in Him.

“I am a Christian artist, and the focus of the EP was to make songs about focusing on God. My goal is to provide music that helps people grow in their faith or be inspired by the message of the songs,” says Joseph Madigan.

With his creative yet relatable lyrics on Alignment, Joseph Madigan conveys a message about wanting God’s guidance at every turn. Regardless of the circumstances. Highlighting the significance of God’s lead to flourishing in life.

A theme common to his songs is the significance of God. Joseph’s music and life has inspired several people, leaving his listeners head over heels to learn a positive message through his creative yet inspiring music.


I was in a place of anger and frustration but I decided to channel those feelings into prayer and song.
The hand carrying the tree resembles someone greater,the giver of life, the creator of all creation The most high God. Who holds the earth that I walk on which is a gift and miracle in itself.
God answered my prayers and continues to do so. He is a God of miracles.

WRM / She Cares is a two-pack single from CHH Naija artist Eazy Bob Wizzy.

WRM is a chill hip-hop song. It discusses the various pressures of being a young adult in today’s society. We become so consumed by financial security/making our dreams a reality that our relationship with God and others suffers. Other times we lack the zeal to pursue our dreams or love people because of how drained we are due to scars from the past.

The song is inspired by 1 John 2:16

She Cares: When we venture into a new relationship when we’ve barely healed from scars of the past, we sometimes find ourselves avoiding situations that lead to fully opening up to our significant other. We’ll do anything to avoid addressing issues about fully committing.

This song speaks of the greatness of our God and the mighty wonders He has done and He is capable of doing.

Features: Mada