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Bandcamp Extends “Bandcamp Fridays” Program

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 20, 2020

Back in March, as the COVID-19 virus spread across the globe, digital music retailer Bandcamp took action to support musical artists impacted by the pandemic.

BC rolled out “Bandcamp Fridays“.

On the first Friday of the last nine months, BC waived their revenue share. Putting more money into the accounts of artists who use their service.

Since then, fans (buying directly through BC) have paid artists and labels $40 million. 800,000 customers have come together to support an industry hit hard by shutdowns, social distancing, and stay at home orders. The live music experience, which so many artists rely on to generate revenue, has been mostly brought to a halt.

During those nine days, 93% of the money collected reached artists and labels.

Bandcamp recently committed to further extended this amazingly successful campaign.

BC announced that “Bandcamp Fridays” will continue in 2021.

“Although vaccines are starting to roll out, it will likely be several months before live performance revenue starts to return.”

Resuming on February 5th, 2021, the program is scheduled to continue through May 7th as of now.

There was also an update for people who purchase on non-Bandcamp Fridays. Since March, $145 million worth of music and merch has been purchased with a still incredible 82% reaching artists and labels. Proving that “every day is a good day to directly support artists!”.

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