Audiomack Launches Artist-Curated Playlist Series

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | March 22, 2023

Audiomack recently launched their very first official Christian Hip Hop playlist, but the streaming giant isn’t done yet!

They’ve further announced a faith-based playlist series called Keep the Faith Going, which features curation from top artists in Christian Hip Hip and adjacent genres. So far there are seven entries in the series, including playlists created by Lecrae and Limoblaze.

Through the Keep the Faith Going series, fans can get to know their favorite artists on a deeper level by discovering songs that inspire them. Artists, likewise, get a chance to highlight the music that inspires them in their faith journey. “…Every waking day I remain in awe as to how good and loving God is,” said Limoblaze. “This drives my passion in everything I do, including music.”


We were fortunate to be able to ask Tanya Lawson, strategic marketing director of Audiomack’s Caribbean and Gospel music division, a few further questions about Keep the Faith Going.

FiveTwenty Collective: What’s the number one thing you hope listeners can get out of these playlists?

Tanya Lawson: To discover a new act they weren’t familiar with. Audiomack is a discovery platform, so of course that’s something we really want the listeners to get out of listening to these playlists.

FiveTwenty Collective: How did the Keep the Faith Going playlist series come about?

Tanya Lawson: The KTFG campaign was launched as a way to introduce Audiomack’s new gospel division. The campaign was designed to support gospel music on the platform. We wanted to raise awareness about the genre and inspire listeners to listen to gospel / inspirational music.

FiveTwenty Collective: So far the series includes playlist curation by some big names! If the series is successful, do you think there’s a possibility of expanding into more of an indie space?

Tanya Lawson: Yes, including indie artists in a campaign is our next step. Audiomack loves supporting indie artists, so … that’s actually our next step when this is successful.


Sounds like even more exciting stuff is on the horizon for Audiomack! Who do you want to see a Keep the Faith Going playlist from in the future? Let us know! Connect with us on Audiomack and listen to the #FIVETWENTYCO playlist.

Listen to Audiomack’s Keep the Faith Going – Lecrae playlist below:

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