Audiomack Launches First Official Christian Hip Hop Playlist

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | March 17, 2023

Big news for Christian Hip Hop fans and artists! Streaming platform Audiomack has launched its first official Christ Hip Hop playlist.

The platform, which has been free to use since its launch in 2012, has garnered attention from hip-hop artists and listeners broadly, with artists like Chance the Rapper and J. Cole releasing music exclusively on Audiomack as early as 2013. In particular, Audiomack has become a hub of Christian Hip Hop music internationally, with a huge presence in Africa.

Audiomack has a reputation for building an artist-first model, making perks easily available to creators and introducing programs l

ike Supporters (which we talked about on season 4 episode 1 of the FiveTwenty Collective Show). FiveTwenty was also able to talk with one of Audiomack’s cofounders, Brian “Z” Zisook, about the vision behind the platform on season 3 episode 9 of the FiveTwenty Collective Show.

DJ Mykael V is curating the first official CHH playlist for Audiomack

The new Christian Hip Hop playlist is curated by DJ Mykael V, who told Rapzilla:

“I’m curating their premiere CHH playlist, their FIRST CHH editorial playlist and my goals are to help push this space further into more credibility and recognition by showcasing new and fire artists and honoring and elevating established ones.”

Mykael V said that he got involved after initially talking with Reach Records about his desire to do more playlist curation. “I got involved and had to show the great people at Audiomack that there is a fire market with CHH.”

You can listen to Audiomack’s Christian Hip Hop playlist below:

It seems this isn’t the last CHH playlist we’ll see from Audiomack though. The platform also recently announced a new playlist series called “Keep the Faith Going,” which features artists from Christian worship, rap, inspirational, afrobeat, and gospel music from all across the globe. The first few playlists in the series are already live, including entries for Lecrae and Limoblaze.

How do you think these moves will affect Christian Hip Hop? Let us know! Connect with us on Audiomack and listen to the #FIVETWENTYCO playlist.

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