Who You Wit?

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 28, 2019


by: Mello Twine @iAmFirstLadyT

Hold up, hold up. Before you crucify me, don’t act like you have never heard the song “Who You Wit” back in the day.

Yes, it was a trash song, but the title popped in my head when I sat down to write this article. So, I’m gonna roll with it.

Who you wit? You are an indie CHH/Gospel (or whatever you call yourself) artist and you are on fire for Jesus! Right? You want every church to fight over who can book you the fastest and you want everyone, including Jimmy and them’s granny to buy your CD/ Mixtape/ Download a single.


Why should they? Why would they? How does your music relate to their life? Does your music truly speak to them? Wait, does your music truly speak to you? Who you wit?

As an artist myself, I have been blessed with having my music minister to me more than it does to anyone at times. That is an awesome feeling. If your music doesn’t even speak to you, the writer, you need to ask yourself if you are being honest in your “art”. Who you wit?

But, let’s take it back another notch.

Is your music even really for the church? Or is it better served to the streets? 

If you are not honest about your testimony, you cannot be honest in your calling. If you really think about it, who could really use your talent/gift? We tend to think that the top of the acceptance mountain is a church. If we can’t reach that spot, we want to give up, we feel inadequate. Who you wit?

Jesus did not sit around with church folks. He talked that talk with the people in the hood. The streets need us just as much as the church does. Is the church broken and confused these days, yes! But are you the one that they will listen to?

If so, go for it…go hard. But if not, find your people and go lead them. Who you wit?

If there were only the need for one shepherd there would not be 5.23 million sheep in America in January 2018. So, mount up and go find your herd.


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