Village KNG | “Forward Motion” @VillageKNG

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 24, 2023

Village KNG

Village KNG releases second single, Forward Motion

“I was taught that it is only 10% of what happens to you in your life that affects you and 90% is how you respond to it all. Some people get stuck after tragedy.”

Fear, doubt, frustration, and loss are all things that stop us and could keep us from moving forward.

“If we take one step at a time, eventually we will be closer to our desired destinations. We wanted to create the theme song that would inspire and encourage people to move forward and feel great while getting there.” – Pettidee

Forward Motion was really a product of the post-pandemic season. Many of us experienced some hits and losses during that time frame. That may have been a loss of homes or livelihoods, or friends and family members. Coming out of that season, we all had a decision to make. Stay stuck in certain areas or find a way forward.

“This is, in many ways, a recounting of God’s resume of goodness in the past and trusting His faithfulness will continue to see us through moving forward.” – KnowdaVerbs

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