Ty Brasel Garners International Buzz

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 4, 2023

Ty Brasel, 'Transcendent'

Curb Records / IVAV recording artist Ty Brasel is garnering international buzz with his MAD 2 THE MAX music video featuring fellow IVAV recording artist Jay-Way.

Check out the video for MAD 2 THE MAX below.

MAD 2 THE MAX had its first play on MTV Italy.

Out of the gate, the video reached the Urban Hip Hop Top 10 on MTV.

The track was initially released last fall on Brasel’s fourth album, ‘TRANSCENDENT’. Make room for LeBron shout-outs, synth bass, and tongue-twisting wordplay from Brasel and his label mate.

“Continuing with the themes of purpose and passion, MAD 2 THE MAX is a feel-good banger that is carried by a nonstop flow and a catchy melody,” Brasel says proudly. “This may have been my favorite video I’ve ever done. Planning it with the team was exciting because I knew we were onto something special. We wanted to step outside the box for this one and do something creative, and we had a blast with it. I couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would actually end up being and I couldn’t be prouder of the work everyone put into it.”

In the video, produced and directed by Mike Folabi and his team, we follow detectives Brasel and Jay-Way as they journey through the streets of transcendence, revealing the truth of their investigation. A monochromatic aesthetic gives the audience a timeless sense of space. Juxtaposed with the vintage motif with futuristic tech. The video highlights the song’s focus on their grind and triumph over the opposition as they focus on God’s plan for them.

“The making of the music video felt like shooting a movie. We were just all in character all day, especially Ty,” says Jay-Way who just recently opened for RINI’s European leg of his ‘Past The Naked Eye’ tour. “Ty had the whole crew cracking up because he was so into it. Everybody was so excited and the end product was executed very well. Such an amazing team effort.”

About Ty Brasel:

With more than 85.1 million streams worldwide, Ty Brasel is a contemporary icon of faith-driven hip-hop. He makes music for doubters and believers alike. He mixes rap, pop, and R&B influences with lyrics sourced from his own tragedy-to-triumph life story. Raised on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel grew up searching for an escape. Often turning to substance abuse and crime for a temporary break from reality. Things changed once he found God. Kickstarting a spiritual shift that saw the young musician abandoning his lifestyle, regaining his passion for life, and signing with Curb Records’ hip-hop division, IVAV. Albums like 2018’s ‘Destined For Greatness’ and 2020’s ‘The Divine Storm’ followed. Brasel continued with 2021’s ‘Destiny, Vol. 1’, then hit a newfound creative peak with his fourth release, ‘TRANSCENDENT’, in 2022.

About Jay-Way:

Jay-Way makes globetrotting hip-hop. It’s a diverse sound with European and American roots, combining rap’s rhythmic delivery with the progressive hooks of pop, the laidback cool of soul music, and the optimistic outlook of gospel. Tying the package together is a multi-lingual artist who’s never been afraid to break boundaries or challenge conventions. A frequent collaborator, he has appeared on albums by Ty Brasel, Steven Malcolm, Jude Barclay, and Jarreau Vandal during the 2020s alone, and even teamed up with rap icon Snoop Dogg to add depth, dimension, and dynamic West Coast flavor to Malcolm’s 2022 remix of ‘Summertime’, a validation of Jay-Way’s meteoric rise, bringing him shoulder-to-shoulder with one of rap music’s modern-day architects.

Jay-Way keeps that pen moving with his first full-length album set to release later this year, an album that proves he’s worthy not only of sharing the same space as his heroes, but of establishing his own territory within the hip-hop space, too. He’s building his own inclusive community — a place where rap, rock, pop, and faith all meet… and everyone is welcome.

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