Thomas Iannucci | “Jingle Bells (Someone Help!)”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 23, 2018

I am not typically one that gets excited about Christmas songs….but Thomas Iannucci somehow found a way to change that.

Iannucci has created a track with “Jingle Bells (Someone Help!)” that checks the list items of what makes a classic Christmas song, and I did not have to look it over twice!

  • Short and sweet
  • Catchy, fun melody/music
  • A reference to jingling bells
  • Traditional holiday stress
  • Referring to an individual’s body size

Coming in under two minutes in length, the song still packs a lot of content as hook is sacrificed for storytelling in the verses. What we find is that Iannucci is quickly becoming one of CHH’s best at weaving a tale.

Since the infamous rebrand from Illtalian, my friend Thomas has taken his craft to another level. Each song and feature that he has dropped since his name change has been incredible. (A reason for him being our current Spotify playlist cover artist) So when he told me he was planning on putting out a Christmas single, curiosity began to set in.

If there was anyone I trusted to make a “holiday” song enjoyable it was him.

Enough setup I guess, let’s take a look at the song which you can hear below.
Any song that starts with the artist giving themselves a pep-talk deserves at least one listen. Iannucci dives right into the stress that the expectations of the season cause, especially when your funds do not add up, “My friends, God bless them, keep buying me things/but listen, you’re about to get a handshake”
We move on to the go-to gift. When all else fails, clothing is always there for you as a shopper. That is unless you are not sure what size you need to purchase. If the person you are buying it for happens to be a significant other then you can actually watch the anxiety rise. The writing here is perhaps my favorite in the track so I want you to listen to it for yourself…well worth it.
Then Iannucci drops the best wisdom any of us can have. Those of us who are broke during the holidays will undoubtedly let an “Amen!” out when Thomas addresses the parents who say they “don’t need a thing” for Christmas.

The collaboration with The Brewz is fantastic and we should be expecting a lot of greatness out of this pairing.

The Brewz also produced on Iannucci’s song “Famiglia” that featured CHH vet KJ-52.

This tag-team is quickly set to join the ranks of other great CHH duos such as PoetiCS/Xay Hill, OB/Eric Heron, and Loveaintdoneyet/Torey D’Shaun. If you don’t believe, the proof is in results.

So as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our savior, make sure you have this new holiday anthem on repeat.

After all, for some of us, this is as close to Hawaii for the holidays as we are going to get.

Thomas Iannucci | “Jingle Bells (Someone Help!)”

Thomas Iannucci (FKA Illtalian) is a Hawaiian Grammy-award winning rapper from the island of Kauai. THE BREWZ are an LA/Hawaii-based production group. The previous Thomas Iannucci/BREWZ collaboration, “Famiglia (feat. KJ52)” is out now.

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