Tell Me Where I’d Go by Pacaso Ramirez [Christian Rap – Free Download]

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | July 27, 2019

After 29 years of creating Hip Hop music, you get to a time where you question, “Is it time to hang it up?” and “What am I still doing this for?”. Tell Me Where I’d Go is a song that stems from that attitude of questioning my passion for making music, and the desire and will to keep on going, and if I do keep on going, what are the benefits? The last line in the first verse, I state: “Hopelessly, need to change my environment, feeling like Marshawn Lynch’s Twitter retirement.” I thought the way that Marshawn Lynch, a man of few words, tells the world that he’s hanging it up during Super Bowl weekend with a simple Twitter Pic of a pair of cleats hanging on a power line with the peace sign emoticon was Smooth Criminal type of epic. Absolutely G. I can relate, though through music, I’m a man of many words, outside of song making, I’d rather speak when it’s necessary. What’s funny though, when Marshawn Lynch signed a 2 year deal with the Raiders, Marquette King posted an image of him retrieving Lynch’s cleats for him. Hilarious, but these two instances seem to sum up this entire song for me. Please enjoy it. For more information about Blood Related Entertainment, or to find more great music, visit:

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