Infrared, a project by Wes Harris, is art in motion. A sonic journey looking to find purpose.

It also, to this point, has been an under-the-radar release of 2021.

Harris recently discussed Infrared with FiveTwenty Collective. From the early steps to the driving force behind the project. While the album still has plenty of life ahead of it, for Harris the early returns are encouraging. The first thing that you need to know, however, is who is the man behind the art.


“Wes Harris is a third-generation creative, a family guy,” explains Harris. “Driven by his zeal for God and telling stories through art.”

“I’d describe the art in a few ways. I like to use the phrase, ‘painting with sound’. It’s a very avant-garde way of approaching it. Cinematic, moody, and dynamic.” Infrared follows that same approach. “Getting inspired and finding the theme was the first steps.”

“I remember watching movies like Tron and Tenet, finding myself amazed by the larger than life soundscape.”

“I had to find Infrared and what it sounded like. Much time [was spent] praying and perfecting the sound design.”

“The theme behind the project is all about finding the light in the midst of darkness. Despite how chaotic our world becomes, we have truth and light through Christ.”


As the album began coming together, above all Harris had to trust his instincts.

“During the creation process, it felt like a maze at times.”

“Creating something you’ve never really heard, but knowing what it felt like. I had to give myself patience and space to make it. The album required me to go through some things. On the other side of the experiences and storms I faced [was] waiting a beautiful song.”

“In a nutshell, making Infrared felt like crafting a tapestry.”

“Each song [is] unique and weird, but beautifully forming the perfect piece when it all came together.”


“I selected the artists based on what the songs were asking for.”

“When looking for features, I leave behind clout and politics. It’s all about art and relationships for me. I’m often building with people behind social media. When asking for features, I can continue conversations that are already happening.”

“Songs are like paintings and I’m looking for the right colors to bring in to help me finish them.”

“Working with Battz [for example] was a breeze! He’s a super genuine and talented guy. He works quick. After sending him the concept, he sent his verse back about a day after. I wanted to get him on ‘Distortion’ because I enjoy what he brings. His music feels like real rap. I feel like we’ve been missing a sound like his…especially in the CHH space.”


“The project’s release has been accepted better than I expected.”

“It was such a risk creatively, I wasn’t sure if people would engage with it or not. But it’s been received with open arms. I’m feeling really good about the release. I’m ready to take Infrared live!”

“For Infrared, I pray for more opportunities for it to be heard and transcend my career.”

“We’re working on visuals for it now. Next is more music and creativity. I’m currently working on two new projects.”

Check out Infrared by Wes Harris and make sure to hit our comments section!

What records are standouts for you? Which features enhance the overall experience? What do you hope to hear next from Harris?

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INFRARED is a sonic story of finding light.

Features: Battz, Abstractv, Praise Lubangu, LANNDS, Jamal, Victoria IX, Brianna Tam, Kat Somers, Payton Lamar, Amahd