J Payne has been putting out CHH music for over 12 years now.

During those years J Payne has endured much hurt from the CHH community. This album addresses those hurts. From being backbitten and slandered to being treated like competition and a black sheep.

To God Be the Glory is to give biblically sound and relatable content to others who have had similar experiences and bring biblical correction to those who need it.

Features include Von Won, BRM, Hilgy, Dillon Chase, Braille, Man Of War, Kevi Morse, and more.

Check out J Payne’s collab album with Nino Light.

Nino Light and J Payne‘s new collaborative album CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM is now available.

CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM: From the Circus to the Churches was handed out by Jesus Loves Juggalos as part of outreach at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos.
Features: J-Stokes, Cody Rogers, Killa C, Vronske, The XSP-Xtreme Street Preacher, Blizz, Daniel Wayne
Hear more from J Payne here.