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Rapture Ready North "Glowstick"

Rapture Ready North artists BRM, BrodieDaVinci, and TC Boyd the Artist drop Glowstick.

BrodieDaVinci sent the hook to BRM and TC Boyd and they couldn’t wait to write! Glowstick talks about how, even though we’re broken, we can still shine.

TC Boyd the Artist’s first EP with Rapture Ready Productions North hits on events from his life. From seeing his brother killed to his father dying of AIDS, TC Boyd rose out of the flames that tried to consume him. God has blessed him. This project highlights the victories over life’s struggles.

Rapture Ready Productions North has the whole squad celebrating this holiday season. The closer you get to the Fireplace, the more you feel His warmth and His presence!


This song is meant to motivate people to take action. We can’t let life just pass us by. We have to have faith and then take action on that faith. We are here for a reason. We must know that we have to put in work to win. God will help us through the rest of it.