Isaac Mather 'Stranded'

Isaac Mather | ‘Stranded’

Isaac Mather’s new project Stranded includes the slowed + reverb, sped up, and instrumental versions of his latest single “Stranded”.

This song talks about his struggle with OCD. During his 7-year chronic health journey, Mather was bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Many mental health issues were brought on because of the physical pain. In this song, he talks to his OCD as if it were a person. It sounds like a breakup song, but the twist is that it isn’t.

Isaac Mather "Stranded"

Isaac Mather wrote Stranded about mental health, specifically OCD.

Mental health is one of the most prevalent issues in today’s world. Mather wants to be a light in that space to relate with others who deal with mental struggles. His music is written from a vulnerable and real place, from his pain and past experiences.