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Sivion is back with a remix to Blinders. Brought to you by another longtime friend, rapper, and Canadian beatsmith, Jon Corbin.

This darker jazzy take on the original, compliments the lyrics well with a drum cadence that switches up the vibe a bit. With a message meant to bless with love bright enough to blind you, these two continue on Sivion’s original goal of illuminating wisdom and encouragement to help us through the darkness that seems to be so prevalent in all of our lives right now.  He not only brings the sax again, but also adds some flute and a sax solo at the end for the jazz enthusiasts that ride for that unique element in his music.  So keep on letting that message sink in, get you some of this light, and make that darkness flee from wherever it’s heaviest in your life…cuz we’re all meant to be Blinders.

The world is full of darkness right now with racial injustice, a worldwide pandemic, political mass confusion, and tons of hate, depression, disunity, and isolation. But through it all, we are called to be light in the darkness.

Sivion, Bavu Blakes, TheAre “S.L.Y.” ft. NickNack

Germaine Martel “The Trump”

Jentile “Brand New Day” ft. Json, Devin Thacker

KevRock “Unashamed” from Grace Notes: The Mixtape by Yari Music

DXVID “Reign Down”

Minister Squad “Low Prophets” ft. Mr. Uni Universal, iNTELLECT

Lush and smooth synthy grooves, personal tales of struggles, hope and optimism. Sivion, Dre Murray, and Sojourn remind us that things will get better.