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Dallas emcee and Atlanta resident, Shane Kidd has been in the game for over a decade now creating uplifting and thought-provoking music.

In the 2010s, Shane released two albums, ‘Student of Life’ and ‘Learn to Live’, that both showed Kidd’s raw talent and care for the listener. Shane Kidd can spit with the best of them but it’s the message he wants you to walk away with. Throughout his career, Shane’s worked with some of the greats in Sho Baraka, K-Drama, DJ Aslan, and others. After a hiatus brought on by depression and writer’s block, Kidd is back with newfound freedom and a brand new record in Good Mourning.

Good Mourning is the tale of two halves.

On one side, Shane Kidd lets us right into the feelings and emotions he dealt with during his hiatus.

“The album was inspired by realizing I had to grieve the loss of my old life,” Kidd says.

Tracks like “Shadowboxing” show a vulnerable Shane Kidd going through the process and journey of loss, sometimes questioning himself and the path set before him. It’s not all doom and gloom though because after the rain comes sunshine and the Texas artist lets the listener know that there’s hope. “Joyful Rebellion” sees Shane Kidd team up with J.Crum on a groovy jam with uplifting lyrics adding another dimension to the realities we’re all dealing with.

Shane Kidd looks to relate and connect with the listener and Good Mourning expresses this on a deeper level. Life is full of transformation and Shane Kidd gives us a direct peek into his throughout the 10-track LP.

Features: Lucius, Josias, Jpaaulsings, Kyla Simone, Jordyn, R.J. Allen, J. Crum, R-Swift, Paris Avery, DJ Aslan, J Nolan

The only time we have is now. “Moments aren’t made, they are either stewarded or squandered.”

Perfect Timing is about choosing the here and now to change your life. Shane Kidd works with Tee-wyla to craft a jazzy sound. The saxophone at the end represents the importance of patience and timing. Our waiting doesn’t have to be a passive act but one of planning and preparing for the moments of life that bring change. The tomorrow we long for is made today.

Being Black in America comes with a history of resistance and perseverance. Faith has been at the root of perseverance for many in the Black community. Shane Kidd partners with fellow rapper J. Crum for an anthem of celebration, affirming Black pride, and spiritual empowerment. They’re letting listeners know, despite the impossible odds, Black joy thrives even in the midst of resistance.

Life is a marathon. Your pacing matters and endurance sometimes may mean slowing down. Let go of the idea that you have to be constantly grinding in order to be successful. Rest and reflection aren’t our enemies but gives us our energy. Accompanied by the jazzy production of Jonathan Baker and the soulful vocals of Lucius Rouser, Shane Kidd wants to affirm “Keep your pace and keep your peace”.