Sam P. releases his new song The Cost.

Renew Your Mind Music artist and founder, Sam P., enlisted fellow labelmates Vessel Piece and Trizzy Tre to remind listeners why Jesus came to earth with their Christmas Day release, “The Cost”.

Following his previous single, “Wheat or Tare”, from October, Sam P. is finishing up 2020 with one final single. 

While we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the traditions that surround it, we cannot lose sight of what He chose to do during His final days. He freely died so we all could have eternal life. The cost of embracing Jesus came with a price.

“Although we face trials of many kinds, what we face in life cannot be compared to the joy we experience when we fully set our mind and focus on Jesus, even in the midst of a pandemic,” explains Sam P. “Joy is not the absence of problems, but the presence of God. It is a cost to obtain eternal life, but, in the end, it will be well worth it when Jesus returns.”

YJO, of Enoch Flow Records, produced “The Cost” which features fellow Renew Your Mind Music artists Vessel Piece and Trizzy Tre. Adding the finishing touches to the track are Tip Beats and J. Crum/Streetlight Sounds with engineering and cover art respectively.

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Song Details

Title: The Cost

Artist: Sam P. 

Label: Renew Your Mind Music

Release Date: December 25, 2020

Production: YJO (Enoch Flow Records)

Engineering; Tip Beats

Features: Vessel Piece, Trizzy Tre

Artwork: J. Crum/Streetlight Sounds

In this world we live in today, Christianity has been misrepresented by some who publicly claim to follow Christ. The character of Christ-likeness starts with a renewed mind and heart while pursuing a personal relationship with him daily.

“Deny’ is about my struggles, as a believer, to turn away from sinful habits and thoughts towards others. I don’t just want to be a Christian. I want to please God with all of my heart.”