Saint Jones 'Kainos Anthropos'

Saint Jones begins 2023 by dropping a new 13-track album Kainos Anthropos.

Kainos Anthropos is a good balance of being creative without compromising the message of a faith-based rapper. Beginning with an interlude explaining how we are a generation that has forgotten God and the principles of scripture. The intro does a great job of sonically explaining the album’s artwork. Saint Jones talks about how he once was a lost soul with no direction or hope. Having an encounter with God not only changed his viewpoint on life, but also the direction of his music.

Greek for “new man”, Kainos Anthropos is based on Ephesians 4:24.

On the project, Saint Jones talks about where God has brought him from since the start of his walk. It is an album about maturing in Christ and becoming a new man everyday. Featuring punchlines, a wide variety of flows and cadences, and the conviction of what Holy Spirit-led music is supposed to bring.

Features: Ashleigh Faith, Hugh Holla, Prafit Josiah


With his third installment in the CHH space, Hugh Holla aims to show empathy and encouragement to his culture.

Understanding the challenges in the African-American journey, Hugh’s wish is that his people will sing out Hosanna and draw closer to the Lord, sooner than later. Hugh’s prayer is that this piece of work will influence some to seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness. To push his people through past, present, and future troubles!

Features: Saint Jones, TC, Gitemjay, BJ & Tosha Roberts

Some dreams give a preview of your destiny. Some dreams warn you of possible threats. Some dreams are for correction. Some dreams are for others. Some dreams are from the enemy. Some dreams mean absolutely nothing. Some dreams occur while we are still awake.

Whatever the case is, don’t stop dreaming.

Glory Up is a follow-up to Hugh Holla’s ‘Holla-Lujah’ project. It is his second collection of tracks in the Christian Hip-Hop space. Hugh aims to continue using titles that give praise to the Most High. Every track displays praise, testimony, and encouragement. Glory Up has a classic hip-hop feel with traditional boom-bap beats that are pleasing to listeners!

Features: TC, Bernard Germaine, Saint Jones

Saint Jones’ Holy Body, featuring Hugh Holla, is a testament/testimony that the body of Christ is holy. Yesterday, today, and forevermore! Regardless of what the body may face, it will always be sustained and preserve its holiness fully!

The sixth installment from the Psalms series by Columbus, Ohio’s Saint Jones is out now. It is an honest look at what is happening in America today from a Biblical perspective.