Kham, "Man of the House"

Kham attacks his childhood trauma with his new hard-hitting, trap single Man of the House

The Isaac Mather-produced single finds Kham navigating the challenges of having to act as an adult at a young age. Kham is a first-generation Guyanese American who grew up in Virginia Beach. He encountered various life-altering experiences ranging from growing up in a rough ‘757’ environment to being without his father for long periods due to Naval deployment. Throughout Man of the House, listeners experience dynamic musical shifts reminiscent of the highs and lows Kham experienced throughout his childhood.

Man of the House represents an evolution of Kham as an artist.

He wants listeners to join him in his journey of healing and growth.

Kham states, “Man of the House represents the start of a world I want to bring listeners into. My world. Every piece of music I release this year will bring you closer to that world. In this place, we can heal together and grow together. You will know who I am, you will find out who you are. I’ll reveal more about this place as the year goes on”

As 2023 begins, Kham has a series of singles and more music in store for his current fans and new listeners. He promises this year will see him collaborate with many artists as he unveils his new journey.