Our friend Psalm sent us an early copy of his upcoming project ‘Hero’s Lament’ and we were more than happy to give our thoughts!

Fresh off of hosting on the east coast leg of the Extreme Tour, Psalm is right to work on continuing his impressive work ethic as he prepares new music. The first single from the new album can be expected in mid-December.

Enough formalities, let’s talk about the project!

Today’s society has grown increasingly more and more fascinated with the hero and hero culture, as evidenced by the massive global success of comic book heroes brought to the big screen.

Sadly though, in the same way, how we treat our recording artists and athletic celebrities, we fail to see the personable, relatable sides to our heroes. Thus we tend to put more on them than we’re willing to invest.

As Christians, that statement holds true for us and how we view JESUS, forgetting that part of the heroism we’re to engage in on a daily basis is to live in the image and likeness of the ultimate Hero.

Enter Psalm. Idaho’s 2019 Jesus Freak Hideout’s MC and Album of the Year award recipient pulls on the heart of the listener with ‘Hero’s Lament’. 

Psalm’s third full-length project, which desires to delve into and present the hero’s vantage point, the project doesn’t always hit that mark – but it does offer more than a few accurate glimpses and compelling, convicting clarion calls.

‘Lament’ is feature-heavy, with seven of the ten tracks finding our hero accompanied by other heroes along the way. 1K Phew, Illuminate, Young Noah, Canton Jones, KJ-52: this list reads like a “Who’s Who” of today’s CHH scene. The best part of ‘Hero’s’ features?  Congruence.

Far too many collabs between today’s artists sound like works for hire: verses and hooks that don’t match in sound to comprise a song. ‘Hero’s Lament’ doesn’t suffer from this disconnect.

Psalm is polished, professional, and mostly successful in getting his message across on ‘Lament’.

Songs like “Pig With a Pearl” (featuring Young Noah), while inclusive of some disturbing imagery, showcase a well-written record with a chorus that resonates. “Where is Superman At” (featuring Canton Jones) touches accurately on what those who get caught up in the hero movies are really looking for and where they can find it. Impressively, the features manage to keep up with Psalm’s sometimes manic and dizzying style but manage to hold their own.

Production on ‘Hero’s’ isn’t stellar across the board but does have it’s standout moments.

I’m not sure how well, as a collective, ‘Hero’s Lament’ will be understood with regards to concept, but the project will continue to cement Psalm, formerly Lyricidal, as a vital and viable voice in and for the Kingdom for years to come.

Standout Tracks:

Pig With a Pearl ft. Young Noah
Where Is Superman At ft. Canton Jones
Dry Bones ft. KJ-52
Only Right ft. 1K Phew
Better ft. Selah the Corner