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The news of Broward County’s and Hilltop Society’s Prof. Biz hit the Christian Hip Hop community hard late last week. 

It is never easy to learn of someone passing on. Especially someone respected in the way that Biz was.

While I was not as close to Biz as I would like to be able to say, our interactions are still something I am grateful for. He showed support for FiveTwenty very early in the platform’s creation. I’m glad we had the opportunity to share and support his music. We also were able to interact on a more personal level when Biz joined our Discord community. This provided a glimpse into the heart behind the man that those closest to him were able to experience.

While I could attempt to piece together a memorial of sorts that would likely fall short, I would rather let Biz tell you who he was in his own words…

Spotify Bio

What does it look like to be young, black, educated, born and raised in hip hop, and filled with a Spirit greater than himself? Enter: Prof. Biz. Growing up in Brooklyn, he heard grown men deliver words aggressively over boom bap beats and thought to himself, ‘I could do that.’

He moved from state to state, between New York, Indiana, and stopped in South Florida, keeping up with the newest music was a favorite hobby, and knowing where each artist came from, and their different sounds. Prof. Biz always had a gift for putting words together with a easy and concise delivery, it was only a matter of time before the internal beat caught up with the lyrics.

The practice of writing poetry soon turned into verses over hip hop tracks. He practiced freestyling on long walks home, and joined cyphers in each city he visited, and pushing him to write even more. Later in life, he came to the conclusion that he did not have all the answers, and was tired of the consequences he brewed for himself. He gave his life over to Jesus, and vowed to serve Him with each possession, including the skill of rhyming.

Now, fully equipped with years of expeience, a heart of compassion for his community, a mix of current and former hip hop styles with unparalleled lyrics, and the courage and character of a true leader in Broward County, FL, he is taking no prisoners while delivering bars, one track at a time.

One thing I do know is that Biz performing music beyond our comprehension as he worships Jesus for eternity. Rest in paradise sir.

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Please feel free to share your memories and thoughts for Biz and his family in the comments. Let’s #ProfessTheBiz 

Prof. Biz & A-Dub White join forces for their new single, We, Too. Loosely inspired by JustcallmeDT’s “1 am in Broward Freestyle”, both artists are bringing the listeners on a tour through South Florida over thunderous 808s produced by Whiteboi Beats.