Saint Jones 'Kainos Anthropos'

Saint Jones begins 2023 by dropping a new 13-track album Kainos Anthropos.

Kainos Anthropos is a good balance of being creative without compromising the message of a faith-based rapper. Beginning with an interlude explaining how we are a generation that has forgotten God and the principles of scripture. The intro does a great job of sonically explaining the album’s artwork. Saint Jones talks about how he once was a lost soul with no direction or hope. Having an encounter with God not only changed his viewpoint on life, but also the direction of his music.

Greek for “new man”, Kainos Anthropos is based on Ephesians 4:24.

On the project, Saint Jones talks about where God has brought him from since the start of his walk. It is an album about maturing in Christ and becoming a new man everyday. Featuring punchlines, a wide variety of flows and cadences, and the conviction of what Holy Spirit-led music is supposed to bring.

Features: Ashleigh Faith, Hugh Holla, Prafit Josiah


Christian Hip Hop artist Prafit Josiah’s follow-up to the 2018 EP ‘My God is Dope’ hits digital retailers on November 13, 2020.

The new album, titled ‘God Made Me Do It’, is storytelling at its finest as Prafit explains why, after nearly 20 years, he still cannot put down the mic.

Releasing via Naz-Sect Publishing, ‘God Made Me Do It’ is a 12-track album that includes classic hip-hop elements, from production to traditional lyricism, along with a newly remastered version of Prafit’s hit song “Come Back” featuring CHH mainstay R-Swift.

Beginning with his group Prafitz in 1993, Josiah’s musical journey is a testament to staying the course in an industry that is quick to move on to the latest flash in the pan.

As Josiah explains, “Hip-hop, Christian or not, is no longer just a young man’s sport. This album is four years in the making. I’m here to speak on adult things, talk about life, and point people to God…oh yeah, don’t expect me to conform or try to fit in. I’m doing me!”

Pre-orders of both physical copies and digital downloads are available now.

Everyone who pre-orders the CD will be put into a drawing and one winner will receive a $75 Amazon gift card along with a free ‘God Made Me Do It’ T-shirt or hoodie of their choice.

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Album Details

Title: God Made Me Do It

Artist: Prafit Josiah

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Label: Naz-Sect Publishing

Production: Tone Jonez, DopeBoyzMuzic, CopBoogie, B-Eats, Sean Ross, Nate Rhoads

Features: R-Swift, The Prafitess