RYT PATH "Away (Don't Call Me)"

RYT PATH | “Away (Don’t Call Me)”

Away (Don’t Call Me) is a dynamic and empowering hip-hop anthem. It embodies the resilience to overcome obstacles and stay focused on personal growth. With its captivating lyrics and assertive tone, the song reflects each artist’s determination to move forward in life. The verses highlight their pursuit of enlightenment and refusal to be swayed from their path. It is a powerful expression of newfound clarity and unwavering commitment to rise above distractions, all inspired by their faith in Jesus.

The song features Phrv, Aizek, Baron Jay, Joebrown, and Eazy Bob Wizzy.

RYT PATH presents Here.

A year ago over 30 creatives camped for 10 days to make music. Here happened when producer Grimm decided to make a beat with a lot of “live” elements. After the hook was written, Máyọ̀wá & Phrv took turns to express how hard it is to notice God in the midst of their depression. In the end, they all find peace in God’s word (Joshua 1:9) where He says we shouldn’t be afraid. He’s with us wherever we go. Featuring Eazy Bob Wizzy.

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