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I Care is catchy and appealing, the kind of song that makes you want to have it on a loop. It’s incredibly insightful and personal. The song gives the audience something more profound than just entertainment.

Paul Hernandez confronts isolation on the new song Living For Me.

A catchy heavy-hitter with influences ranging from pop to trap and R&B.

Paul Hernandez is a Canadian artist, songwriter, and music producer based in Vancouver. His sound is fresh and intuitive. His creative style is very kaleidoscopic, bridging the gaps between a broad range of creative influences.

Paul has been quite busy recently. Not only has he been developing his own sound and releasing a set of killer tracks through the past few months, but also by helping other artists make the most out of their careers! This talented performer has clear sights and a set idea of what he wants to accomplish. It is clear that he has a full-rounded grasp of the music business.

Paul’s most recent studio release, Living for Me is a distinctive track with a trap-pop vibe.

On one hand, the beat is raw and energetic, while Paul’s verses have incredible vocal articulations. On the other, the melodies are catchy and memorable, with many major chords that give the track a very uplifting, positive feel to it.

The song explores the idea of not getting caught in your own tunnel vision, which might lead you to live your life like it’s on auto-pilot. It’s all about living in the moment. Treasure everything that’s given to us, because we don’t know what’s coming next! In other words: be yourself, enjoy every moment, and share your life with those who make you happy. There is no time for toxic negativity!

In addition to Paul’s inspired and diverse vocal performance, Living For Me is a snapshot of the artist’s excellent production aesthetics.

The song has a massive low end that fills the mix, but it still retains a bright, open sound. At times punchy and energetic, at times melodic and universally appealing, this particular studio effort does not disappoint in the least.

Find out more about Paul Hernandez, and listen to Living For Me on Spotify, as well as other digital streaming platforms.

94’ Altima is about how Paul Hernandez ruined his first car which his dad bought him.

Paul shares, “I was 16 when I began learning how to drive. Around the same time, my dad had got me my first car, a 1994 Nissan Altima. About six months in, it had several dents and scratches.”

The song reveals how the used car eventually taught Paul how to drive, despite the bumps and bruises along the way. He says, “It’s similar to how in life God gives us more when we learn to be responsible with the little things. I found that we can choose to self-deprecate or maybe even laugh at our past mistakes.”

There are artists who I’ve come across over the years who I refer to as “total packages”

These artists vary in skillsets, but largely I’ve tagged them as such because of their uncanny ability to present a complete offering to the listener.

Total packages aren’t just great articulators or don’t just have dope production, but they’re a combination of both and then some. Because of how they do what they do, they’re able to bridge across certain gaps and can present content to any audience, effectively.

Paul Hernandez can fall into this space.

Not originally from the states, you can tell Paul (formerly Dezcry, an 18-year-old Rapzilla Freshmen of the year in 2012) has a plethora of influences that help concoct the sound of his latest release, Deeper Things.

The five-song EP is seemingly bent on making sure that everyday topics and themes of this life that aren’t generally addressed in music get addressed. 

The production on Deeper is lively and quite masterful in the way that it interweaves different genres within the same song, something not every artist is able to pull off. Vibrant tracking, engaging melodies, and hard-hitting kicks, along with extremely well-done mixing and mastering, make for the perfect backing of practical content offered on Deeper.

There is, however, some familiarity throughout the project on a couple of the records, as CHH frequenters will notice the piercing guitar lead on the title track (from DA’ TRUTH’s “Would You Love Me” record) or the pulsing dirtiness of Manana’s lead sample (KB’s “I’m So Free“). What makes it ok that Paul covered these records (whether knowingly or not, we’re not sure) is that aside from the noticeable differences in content, musically these tracks go places you don’t anticipate.

A stand out record for me on the EP is A Little Bit, a song that addresses and deals with our human frailties and our inherent need to depend on a power that is not our own. We’re not as smart and capable as we’d like to think, and this record pulls off bringing our attention to that with strong cadences, layered production, and intimate vocal execution.

Paul raps well, no doubt about that; he sings well, also.

But what Paul does even better is communicate, which should be a primary goal of every artist, especially those of us who claim to rep The Kingdom and its King. While I would have enjoyed a few more clearly stated references to GOD and JESUS, there are parts of this body of work that are unmistakably and unequivocally about our LORD.

Deeper Things stays away from surface talk and is a refreshing dive into Faith in everyday application. Enjoy!

Take a listen to ‘Deeper Things’ by Paul Hernandez below and hit the comments to give us your thoughts! What track stood out to you? How do you rank the project compared to others that have dropped in CHH this year?

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