AMAR, "Avalanche"

AMAR and Once Wckd release the single Avalanche

In addition to paying homage to the snowy Rockies of Colorado, AVALANCHE is about melting away the weight of outside expectations, opinions, and evil that can easily freeze and paralyze a person.

She Was A Fighter is a project about fighting to find purpose and freedom the way God intended. It is a story about how our Father draws near in our deepest sufferings to give us identity and peace. Check out this new project from Once Wckd.

Once Wckd releases a new single weighing the fruits of struggle in the life of a prayer warrior. This song delves into the inner thoughts of a dedicated follower of God willing to go to any lengths to be faithful to the call.

OneJustChris | “Angel’s Wings” | @onejustchris


Once Wckd | “Sun Up to Sun Down” | @Oncewckdmusic


Sammie King | “Lonely” | @Sammieking_Art


D.Senior | “Prison Bars” | @dls_senior


Golden Goose | “Resolution” | @ThatsTheGoose


Temple | “Motions” | @_iamtemple


Gabriel Oree | “This Year” | @JNItsAWrapMusi1

Once Wckd caps off the past few months of songs with an EP titled Oil From The Olive, in slowed and reverb form. The EP characterizes four distinct phases in the artist’s life as a believer in the form of trials and progression.

Features: Kid Tris, 350, Wilsxn

Once Wckd continues their recent run of spring singles with “What Are The Chances”. The song is contemplative and weighs the odds of God’s purposes being fulfilled in the artists’ lives.

Features: 350

Once Wckd returns with a new single Daydreams. It’s a reflection on the battle of overcoming the sources of negativity in their life, becoming confident and completely dependent on the promises of God.

Featuring: Jack Asher

Once Wckd collaborates with Kid Tris on their debut single Fly. Verbalizing a dialogue between a man who wrestles with his purpose and God’s call to faith.