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What started out as a nod to an older class of hip hop became a personal throwback because of a delayed-release. With tons of references and inspirations, these tracks have chill vibes and deep content. The first track is just wildin’ out though!

The second single of 2021 from Nameless Saint is Switchin Lanes. The song features fellow CHH artists Mich Darrell and YJO.

This track is a clear reflection of Nameless Saint’s mental state. Wrestling with clarity of direction, searching for how he is supposed to move forward. What it will take to get there?


Mitch Darrell

“I Wanna Quit” ft. Alcott


Ian Kenville

“Brooklyn Heights”


Kyle Alexander

“Go Get It”



“Livin’ Water”





Constant Battle

“Brand New Day” ft. Franky Bells


Nameless Saint