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Grand Varsity, "Closer"

Grand Varsity has released their first single Closer

Who is Grand Varsity? The group is comprised of Christian rap artists Mouthpi3ce, Germaine Martel, and Dee Black. The trio has held it down in the genre for several years as solo artists. Now united, the strengths of each member are on full display with their debut record.

Closer is a bar-heavy banger with production by Germaine Martel.

The hard-hitting track is packed with high-level lyricism. Grand Varsity maintains the gospel’s message while trading punchlines and metaphors. The vocal sample accentuates the cadences and puts the off-the-charts emcee skills on full display. HISstory Music Group has come out of the gates with a vengeance in 2023. Closer is a prime example of how the indie label is hitting Christian rap like a whirlwind since its relaunch.

Catch Up on HISstory’s Recent History

Dee Black began setting things up in late 2022 with the release of his latest EP, ‘The Gospel According To’. In addition to the release, Dee also announced a partnership with Intercept Distribution and Universal Music Group. You can get the full info here.

Next, the release of Dee Black’s video “I Used To” was followed by another big announcement for the label. HISstory officially signed artist Thre to its roster bringing yet another respected voice into the fold. The debut release “Fisherman” has been received with critical acclaim.

Next up for HISstory? It is safe to say that everyone will be on the lookout for a project release from Grand Varsity soon.

Excited about Grand Varsity?

What are your thoughts on Closer? Which artist had the best verse? What do you hope to see from the trio in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Lyricism, punchlines, and intensity are not forgotten in the hip-hop world.

Menace Movement’s C4 Crotona is determined to keep the lyricist alive and well in Christian hip hop.

C4 recently created a Spotify playlist titled GrittyCHH. The emcee has curated this playlist with the intent to educate. When C4 was first introduced to CHH, it was difficult for him to find the sound that made him fall in love with hip-hop. C4 has a background in the battle rap scene and it was a task to find music that sonically matched what is typically associated with that world.

“[I was looking for] those hard hitting, east-coast sounding beats. With lyricism, punchlines, and intensity to match,” explains C4 Crotona. “As I have pursued this genre, I’ve provided that sound.”

While touring and performing, C4 has met fans and supporters that didn’t know that CHH could sound like this.

“I’m glad there is someone who is doing it!”

Though the compliments are nice, the remarks that the gritty sound does not exist in CHH are not true. 

There are many artists, both old and new, that provide that sound. Putting a spotlight on that style is the heart behind the creation of the GrittyCHH playlist. It is a place where those who come to CHH, fans and artists alike, have the opportunity to hear what’s going on.

GrittyCHH consists of veterans such as Stephan The Levite, Datin, R-Swift, Selah The Corner, Mouthpi3ce, and Eshon Burgandy. Next to these legends in the genre, C4 has included newer artists like Q-Flo, Battz, Pastor Charles AR, Prodi Da Prodigal, and Kalom Montgomery. But these are not the only artists you will find. New additions to the playlist will be found on a regular basis.

Listen and Follow C4 Crotona’s GrittyCHH playlist on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4VJqoeiKh0H9THi2moHP0S

In life, we make mistakes – mistakes that we are able to learn and grow from. Despite those mistakes and our flaws, God’s love for us remains the same and constant. Phathom teams up with StefanOtto, Mouthpi3ce, Selah the Corner, and Bri3jet to remind the listener that growth is essential to live.

Two songs, one release. Heaven Talk features Mouthpi3ce and Legend features Zay Smalls.