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Check Your Watch is the sequel to Jarred AllStar’s first mixtape ‘Startime’ released in 2012.

In this highly energetic, punch line-laden project, Jarred seeks to create a bridge between “the hood” and the Church. Using instrumentals from popular artists, Jarred puts his own twist on industry hits.

DJ I Rock Jesus produces and hosts more mixtapes than anyone in the CHH/Christian Rap space.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the past week.

I Rock Jesus has dropped three new mixtapes via his Mixcloud page entitled ‘Mask On CHH Mixtape’, ‘Retweet The Mixtape One’, and ‘We All Rise Up’.

‘Retweet The Mixtape One’

This mixtape is about the listener retweeting a song, or songs, that they like (or even the whole mixtape). DJ I Rock Jesus’ goal is to let people know about the artists that are bringing Straight Ministry Heat music.

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‘We All Rise Up’

The mixtape is a call to action. We are saturated with news from various outlets and we have to hold on to the hand of Hope, to the One who is greater. We must Rise Up to do better for ourselves and our communities. Don’t give up!

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‘Mask On CHH Mixtape’

Make sure you rock with DJ I Rock Jesus when he goes live on Mixcloud.

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Listen to ‘Retweet The Mixtape One’ below