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2022 has been building up to this exact moment for Ohio emcee iNTELLECT.

Last year the Christian rap artist released his concept album ‘Ephesians’ which was created to support a sermon series at his local church. While it was well-received in the broader hip-hop space, the project was still created with others in mind. Since the beginning of this calendar year, iNTELLECT has traveled a more personal road.

With his new album Living Weapons, June 17th, he realizes something that he has thought about for a long time:

Living Weapons is a project, as an artist, that I’ve always wanted to do,” explained iNTELLECT. “It’s a boom bap experience that invokes nostalgia, but also comes with a sound and message that are relevant to this generation.”

The album takes traditional boom-bap and blends it seamlessly into today’s sound.

Project production includes Newselph (“New Kung Fu”), F-Plus (“Honor the Teacher”, “Prison Break”, “Manifest Remix”), and Brokenfinga (“I Got Somethin’”, “The Intersection Remix”, “It Ain’t Over Remix”). iNTELLECT continues to show why he is seen as one of Christian Rap’s most consistent lyricists today. Not only does he spit hard-hitting bars, but he features an amazing lineup of independent faith-based artists as well. Features include Mitch Darrell, TC, Procyse, coreywordsmith, Minister Squad, D. R33D, DJ Navin Johnson.

Living Weapons releases across digital music platforms on June 17, 2022. It includes the acclaimed singles “I Got Somethin’” and “Manifest (Remix)”.

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Album Details

Title: Living Weapons


Release Date: June 17, 2022

Production: Newselph, F-Plus, Brokenfinga

Engineering: iNTELLECT

Features: Mitch Darrell, TC, Procyse, coreywordsmith, Minister Squad, D. R33D, DJ Navin Johnson



  Ani Lo | “Life Is But a Vapor” | @ANILO05941361


Jimos x Nathaniel Thomas | “Rep the Father” | @NTMuzic


Prince Ray | “Risk” | @RMPStudios


Shawn Mocey x Mitch Darrell | “Don’t Waste It” | @shawnmocey


Ike Rhythm x Bruh Mike | “GA Power” | @ikerhythm


Shammah | “Miss Sue” | @Shammah43635411

With a sound that is straight out of Shaolin but a message that edifies, iNTELLECT has crafted one of his finest records to date.

The Ohio emcee has cemented his place within Christian Rap.

Bars…check; delivery…check; consistency…check. There is little room for doubting the quality, from top to bottom, when it comes to the art that iNTELLECT shares with the world.

For the past year, not only has iNTELLECT continued to level up his game when it comes to rhyming, but he has also developed into a skilled engineer in the process. I Got Somethin’ may well be the ultimate example of this development. The record is already acclaimed, being chosen as the highest graded song of the night on FiveTwenty Collective’s “The FiveTwenty Feedback Show”. This speaks volumes, especially when you consider the collection of songs that it was a part of.

Adding to the quality record are fellow faith-based hip hop artists Mitch Darrell and TC along with DJ Navin Johnson. Both TC and Mitch Darrell are familiar collaborators with iNTELLECT and both deliver on the high expectations their past work has created. Broken Finga does an amazing job setting the tone with a quality beat, showcasing high-level production.

“I found this song very entertaining with good theology and gospel references…I’ve got no complaints here,” – xeroforhire from The FiveTwentyFeedback Show.

I Got Somethin’ hits digital music retailers on April 8, 2022

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Record Details

Title: I Got Somethin’


Release Date: April 8, 2022

Features: Mitch Darrell, TC, DJ Navin Johnson

Production: Broken Finga

Engineering: iNTELLECT

Who has your favorite verse on the record? How would you rank this among iNTELLECT’s releases? Let us know in the comments!


Christian rap artist iNTELLECT is following up his concept project ‘Ephesians’ with a new remix EP.

‘Ephesians’ serves as a soundtrack to a sermon series. It’s packed with deep, theological records inspired by the apostle Paul’s words to the Ephesians.

The Ohio emcee quickly discovered ‘Ephesians’ is one of the most important endeavors he has undertaken.

Now, iNTELLECT partnered with Iamlenflow, the producer on the original ‘Ephesians’ EP, to create Ephesians Remixes.

Ephesians Remixes is a four-song revisiting of the records “Chosen”, “Grace On My Mind”, “It’s Worth It”, and “Be the Light”. It includes features from Mitch Darrell and Minister Squad.

“With the remixes, we wanted to take what we thought of as the best songs and give them a more edgy vibe,” explains iNTELLECT. “These remixes take the original songs to a whole new level.”

Ephesians Remixes drops on February 18, 2022, across digital music retailers, including Spotify.

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‘Ephesians’ Media: FiveTwenty Collective | The Bookkeeper247 | Jesus Freak Hideout

Listen to ‘Ephesians’ below

Neon lights shine brightest in the dark. It’s our responsibility to keep our lights on for those around us whose lights are dim. The song is told from the perspective of a bodega shooting but has a double meaning. The over-arching theme being the struggles within the African American community to heal, and bring healing to each other.

Features: Mitch Darrell

Bay-area artist Solachi Voz is teaming up with powerhouse lyricist Mitch Darrell on her new single.

“Knee On Lights” will be available everywhere on Christmas day, 2021.

Now, more than ever, the temptation to just allow the world to snuff out your light is strong. From the pandemic to racial tensions, to prison reform, to international diplomacy. The world is doing what it’s good at doing…destroying hope.

As believers, we have a responsibility to carry the torch of Light to this world.

In Knee On Lights, Solachi Voz and North Carolina emcee Mitch Darrell deliver one harrowingly detailed encounter in a bodega. Coming from two different perspectives. The song is expected to be a lead single for Voz’s upcoming EP, ‘YES YOU ARE’. The project features production from the east coast legend K-Fresh.

Beginning with a short monologue, Voz casually tells an unidentified listener that snacks and drinks need to be purchased before the trip continues. Suddenly, the jazzy piano stops. Subsequently giving way to a TDE-inspired, vocally laden beat. The hook is a play on the pop-culture phrase “Jesus, take the wheel,” insinuating relinquishing control to the Lord.

“Don’t swerve; hold the wheel” serves as a repetitive layer within the hook.

Mitch Darrell does not disappoint as the record moves into his verse.

The rapper boldly and confidently accompanies Voz’s delivery with his infectiously clever wordplay. Along with his accented delivery tones.

In addition, the beat lends to the east coast vibe and feel of the song. Serving as a fitting backdrop for both artists.

Release Info

Rob Will mixed and mastered Knee On Lights. Production is from Cakbeats. The record hits digital outlets everywhere on December 25, 2021.

You can pre-order/save now: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/solachivoz/knee-on-lights-feat-mitch-darrell

Christian Hip Hop’s resident boom-bap expert iNTELLECT has released his latest single Chosen.

This is not your typical record as it is part of a very special upcoming EP. Well…you could more accurately describe the project as a movie score.

“My church, The Chapel, asked me to partner with them to create a soundtrack that emphasized the theological themes within the book of Ephesians,” explains iNTELLECT. “Chosen is one of the songs that will comprise the EP.”

Based on Ephesians 1, which explains that we have been chosen, called, and predestined, Chosen features fellow artists DaLomonze and Mitch Darrell. iNTELLECT is collaborating with producer Iamlenflow to create a tailored sound that will serve as the backdrop for a sermon series. The record was crafted around intentional, technical verses as well as a melody-driven hook worthy of any movie trailer.

Chosen is available now across digital music retailers.

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Song Details

Title: Chosen


Release Date: October 15, 2021

Features: DaLomonze, Mitch Darrell

Production: Iamlenflow

Engineering: iNTELLECT

Mitch Darrell’s single, Rich in $pirit, is a fun track with a unique perspective. It is written from the view of a Christian who’s low on funds. Even so, they are rich in spirit!

Mitch Darrell and A. Ruiz created something special with their song Crying Out. The record is the cries of a Christian praying to God for help.

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