RRP North is already kicking off the new year with a trio of releases.

BRM, "Randy Moss"

BRM & Kingsman JE | “Randy Moss”

Randy Moss is a track about reaching up and catching what God has for us. Randy Moss was known for jumping up and catching high passes in the NFL from his quarterback. God has blessings for us, but we have to be in on HIS huddle and running HIS plays!!
BRM, "Bye Bye"
BRM & Miquel | “Bye Bye”

Bye Bye is a track about starting 2023 off on a good note. Getting rid of those old habits, those things that hinder us, and waving bye-bye to them and Satan. God is rooting for us and is there for us.  No more giving in to the devil. No more weak Mr. Nice Guy. Time to wave off sin and tell it bye-bye.
Lil Keet, "Me Too"
Lil Keet | “Mee Too”
Me Too is a song by Lil Keet about loving Jesus. For this video, he gets his schoolmates who believe in Jesus to be in agreement with him and say “ME TOO” in his song and video. I love that he got his classmates involved in this Christian song at his Junior High. We can’t be afraid in these times to say we believe in God, we trust God, and we love God. Do you believe that? Well … Me Too.

Miquel is the newest artist at Rapture Ready Productions North.

Queen is Miquel‘s first drop with RRP North. The song is about women walking out their lives in obedience to God and waiting on Him.

Check out this RRP North release!

Keep Your Head Up, featuring MiQuel and Knick Knack’s 7-year-old daughter Anaiah, is an anthem!

Empowering message reminding us of our identity in Christ. Powerful bars, dope beat, and something to ride to with it on repeat. From Hawaii to Louisiana to Virginia, the Lord set up the development of this song.

“Keep Your Head Up, don’t you know you’re an image-bearer. Made In His likeness, in Christ you’re righteous and a joint heir!!!”

Go Ye assembled a massive indie CHH collaboration for Burning Bush Cypher. Featuring Miquel, Unxpekted, Pastor Charles A.R., Prodi Da Prodigal, and Loudmouth for Jesus.