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Nikao’s World, by Jazmine Nikao, is truly an experience unlike anything anyone has ever heard.

The album is an audible storytelling masterpiece. It features production by Find Will, narration by Iniki Franklin, and voice acting by Megan McClary, Carl Duperval, Michael Adams, and of course Jazmine herself.

Nikao is a conquering superhero fighting against the Godless enemy. Her story is one of a young woman who experienced trauma and abuse at a young age, but never properly healed from it. During her daily work, she becomes triggered and paralyzed by fear as the enemy deceptively attacks her. With her back against the wall, Nikao reaches inside to find the warrior within and fight with God by her side.

The musical tracks showcase a variety of structures and genres. Jazmine raps and sings with such passion and confidence whether its up-tempo hip hop, jazzy melodies, or a soulful ballad. Everything comes together to form what is just the beginning of Nikao’s tale. This album is a must listen that will have you impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next chapter in Nikao’s World.