TCFROMSTAYUP | “Upthetactics” | @timemeasure


Rep | “Even If He Doesn’t” | @repm516


Talia Perez | “Glory” | @taliasings97


Michael Leonard Simmons | “Tell Me”


Arkine | “Blessing Me” | @arkinemusic


T.Gambine | “New Thing” | @tgambine


Mic Scott | “Live A Life” |


Rev Lelton Davis | “He’s The Man” | @RevLeltonDavis

Gold, by Michael Leonard Simmons, is simply about how we, as humans, praise gold entirely too much.

 Brother Curtis | “I Ain’t Worry” | @CurtisDHughes3


Kristian Taylor | “ET” | @krstn_taylor


SR Will | “Centerpiece” | @stormriderwill


B.R.I.G.H.T. | “I Am B.R.I.G.H.T.” | @HE_IS_BRIGHT


Big B Da Roadman Of God | “Lord Have Mercy On Me” | @Bigbthadon


Michael Leonard Simmons | “End Game”


Rome Herbert | “On Stage” | @romeherbert


Fate 46 | “God Knows” | @fate46music

If you look beyond me, you will see the hurt and you will see the pain. Most importantly in the midst of it all, you will see the hope and be encouraged. What you see from a man within tells you everything you need to know. So please, look a little deeper, Beyond Me.