Sivion x Malex "What It Is"

Sivion & Malex have a new single to share that touches on what motivates them in their lives.

What It Is features Lady and is an unapologetic invitation for the listener. Find out what motivates the actions of Sivion and the way he moves in life from circumstance to circumstance.

“MALEX and I are equally yoked in this hope and the values that follow. It is our absolute honor to be able to share in full transparency, what fills our cup. Though our goal is that this message blesses you to the depths of your soul, it is “what it is” regardless…you can take it or leave it.” – Sivion

Sivion x Malex, "Heavy Gunner"

Veteran emcee Sivion and Grammy-winning producer Malex drop Heavy Gunner

With a joint project releasing soon via Illect Recordings, grab the new single now on Bandcamp.

“When I got this beat from MALEX, it reminded me of one of those chaotic Star Wars scenes. Where they’re out in space battling a bunch of Star Destroyers. There are just lasers flying everywhere…and from all directions.  Only something as powerful as The Force could keep you from getting annihilated,” explained Sivion.

“I feel like life is the same.  We’re constantly at war with negative thoughts and actions coming at us from all angles….and we have to have our deflector shields up and always “shoot for the stars” knowing that we deserve to be there.  Keep that Heavy Gunner locked and loaded at all times.” – Sivion

Heavy Gunner marks the first release of 2023 for both artists.


Sivion is known for his conversational style, fusing jazz and funk while touching lives. He joined the super crew Deepspace5 in the early 2000s while transitioning into a career as a solo artist. Residing in Dallas, TX, Sivion was previously a member of the groups Phat KATS and Lost Step. His venture to developing his own solo identity spearheaded the writing and production of several projects over the years.


As a producer, Malex has worked on projects with many top artists. These artists include Common, Eminem, Gladys Knight, Raekwon, Dee-1, and more.