Let Freedom Reign is a prophetic message of a hopelessness that ultimately brings hope and points us to the only thing that can heal our society, our culture, and our world.

Creative Culture Co. constructed this album like that of a prophetic book of the Old Testament. You are met with rage, anger, and despair that brings you to this moment of solace. Ultimately you are led to a hope in a “Holy” God. It’s begins rather direct in tone and message, flowing into a beautiful poem written by Shy Speaks speaking directly to the message of the album Let Freedom Reign that leads you into the last but absolutely not least songs of hope.

The album’s goal is to reach a broader audience, to bring the gospel to a world that hasn’t heard. The lyrics, tone, and message of this album is intended to touch millions of people. Collaborative artists include Tedashii, Liz Vice, Jasmine Mullen, Aklesso, and more. Let Freedom Reign can achieve something that hasn’t yet been done in CCM/CHH. Let’s be a voice together!