Produced by the very jazzy Kwillo from Michigan, Kolt Kodesh drops another boom-bap anthem.

Pterodactyl reflects on Kolt’s past struggles with substance abuse and trying to find liberation in Christ. The song takes after the likes of J-Dilla and MF Doom in the style & feel.

Dr. Kodesh & Mr. Clyde is a concept of the light and darkness within all of us. Using the analogy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to convey the message. Kolt Kodesh and producer YJO took up the roles over a fun and creative record. The song is packed with explosive, edge-of-your-seat vibes.

Kolt Kodesh is back with his third single, Tee Up Freestyle. The song features a “flex” and “feel yourself” type of vibe. Kolt puts on for his God, his hometown, his Catholic faith, and his teammates in the TLS clique.

In Kolt Kodesh’s second release, he tackles a drill-style beat with an aggressive flow. Shining the glow God put in him with swagger. Name-dropping his Catholic peers in CHH, Kody Free and Prodigyl, this joint has a few uniquely Catholic overtones to make clear who Kolt rocks with and what he represents.

This track is about making idols in our lives. We can’t let them take priority over our relationship with God.