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Crowns Down, "Heart to Heart"

Crowns Down is a Hawaii-based Chh duo. Knick Knack and PK pour their hearts out into the music. The hope is that someone who hears it will be encouraged and draw closer to Christ.

Heart to Heart is about the realities of the struggle we have as believers within the body of Christ and how they affect us.  Lyricism, heartfelt content, crazy dope beat, and a powerful message to ride to. Relatable and sincere.

Dedge P and Knick Knack, "For The Love of Money"

Dedge P and Knick Knack drop single from their new collab project.

For The Love of Money talks about how this world is so into having money that we will do the worst of the worst to secure it.

Knick Knack drops Amazing off his debut album.

What better way to celebrate than to praise God for His love and faithfulness? At the same time, praise Him for the people who have loved us through our ups and downs.

Produced by JBe@tz, Amazing is the second song from Knick Knack‘s ‘Transparent Trust’ — coming soon.

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Wysemen 'Not So Black Friday (We Lit)'

The 11 Wysemen dropped individual singles…on the same day!

It’s the Not So Black Friday (We Lit) project. These songs bring a different aspect of each member to the table. The diversity in cadence, delivery, content, and beat selection make this project special. On top of that, each member authentically expresses themselves in relationship with Jesus!

11 Wysemen (brothers), 6 different states (HI, FL, AZ, MS, TX, CA), 1 incredible release. Check out the records below and share your favorites in the comments!

How You Do That? by Classmaticc features GOODWRITT3NS and Knick Knack (from The Wysemen).
This song addresses the issue of misappropriation of finance in the church. “How much money can a preacher have?” is a question we should ask more often. In this song, the imbalance of revenue that is often divided by the pulpit is addressed.
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Dedge P and Knick Knack team up on S.M.H.

S.M.H. is about realizing how much God loves us. He remains faithful to be with us throughout all our ups and downs. Understanding and thinking about  the depths of  His love and the power of grace leaves us “Shaking My Head.”

Feature: J.E.R.K.

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Unblemished is a collab song with Knick Knack and Dedge P. The duo is ready to release their group project coming this summer. Unblemished is about looking to God no matter what you may go through or how you feel, knowing that He has the final say in your situation.

If you like Unblemished, check out “When Men Cry” by Knick Knack.

When Men Cry developed from conversations Knick Knack and Mr. I B-Lieve have been having over a couple years.  The reality of men crying is a powerful thing and necessary for healing became a focus.  Jesus being our example, and weeping gives us a clear picture that God Himself cried as a man. Since He did, we should. The adversary has hindered our growth and healing before it started with the saying “men don’t cry” or “boys don’t cry” and us seeing it as weakness. MsChozen is Mr I B-Lieve’s wife, and she really helped complete the song.

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Delivered features Knick Knack, Go Ye, and Mr. I B-LIEVE on Encoded Messages Cypher.

Encoded Messages Cypher is a track with a gritty banging beat produced by RobThaBeloved. Exposing the truth of the spiritual battle, our identity in Christ, the need for and power of the Gospel, the schemes of the adversary, and the authority we have in Christ that leads to victory.  Lyricism and truth from beginning to end.

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Kept is a transparent song about the faithfulness of God to keep us even when we wander. His relentless love for us and availability to us when we come to Him. This is the first single off of Knick Knack’s debut album ‘Transparent Trust’, dropping later this year.

Features: Crystal Evon, JBe@tz