KEMVR’s new single “VERTIGO” is a psychedelic trap banger that feels like a high speed takeoff into space. This record covers the idea that in many places in life, we tend to get into an unsatisfied space of longing for the completion of our struggles and the reception of our praise and rewards, leaving us in a state of impatience and uncertainty. Hence why one of the lines in the hook says, “I can act like I don’t need you, I can do this on my own.”, referring to the idea that we know our way may not be the best, but it may be the fastest. KEMVR, in short, got into a subject of a tug of war between our desires for things to work out how and when we want them to versus God’s provision and plan for our life.

Here’s a little about KEMVR, A South Florida native, with the agenda of pushing people to truly live the purpose designed for them, whether they believe what he believes or not. KEMVR, pronounced (Kem~are), is a rebellious, yet passionate artist with a trap sound akin to artist like Travis Scott, Don Toliver, J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, KB, and more.

After a two year hiatus do to some valleys that had to be explored, KEMVR came out swinging in the first quarter of 2021 with three doubles singles, one dropped each month from march – may. These releases contained songs like “Protokol” and “Talk To Me Nice” featuring fellow Broward native WXLF. Starting 2022 off, KEMVR opened up for Steven Malcolm and Jude Barclay at their LONG LIVE THE HYPE TOUR.

KEMVR is currently working on a project and says that 2022 is just beginning.