Jay Sanon drops an R&B anthem with the help of Jekasole.

Jay Sanon describes Come My Way perfectly by saying, “In today’s R&B, there’s nothing but toxicity in it. I wanted to make a love song that was wholesome and then actually spoke about it from a pure place.”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be careful who you share your dreams with”? It’s a phrase that holds true but would sound even better over an infectious melody and 808s! Jekasole and JUSTCALLMEDT manage to execute this masterfully for a summer vibe you never knew you needed! Jeka’s melodic cadences and hook in combination with DT’s effortless flows and metaphors make for a memorable collab that is sure to be the official theme song of your silent moves and fruitful wins!

When you fall in love, you can no longer remain the same person. Whether it’s with a significant other or God.